BlueGlass LA Day One Morning Summary

BlueGlass LA Internet Marketing ConferenceThe day started with a panel on“How Yesterday Will Shape Tomorrow’s SEO” with Jeff Preston from Disney Interactive Media Group, who it was great to see having worked with Jeff previously at Disney , Greg Boser from BlueGlass and Richard Zwicky from BlueGlass as well.  The panel focused on using markup and open graph data and how that can not only help make your pages and posts appear more attractive when people post a page from your site on Facebook, but also help Google to determine what content, especially flash-based content that might not otherwise have many textual signals to provide Google, with some information they can use to help categorize that content. So Google is in fact, in many cases using open graph data to supplement other signals to decipher content that it might otherwise have a hard time with.

The second panel was on “Modern Day Marketing, Sales & Conversion Secrets” with Mark Suster, a former entrepreneur that crossed over to “dark side” of VC, Jason Nazar CEO of .docstoc and Tony Adam  from Eventup.  This panel took a more startup-esque approach with Mr. Suster going through some examples of companies he’s invested in and what they have been tested in terms of marketing, whether it’s the next shiny new technology such as Pinterest to celebrity endorsements.

Jason Nazer then went on to go over some tips for landing page optimization and outlined his 7 key best practices for landing page optimization. docstoc membership is up to 25 million registered users, so they are doing something right with landing pages and capturing the attention of prospects and turning them in to registered users.

7 key best practices for landing page optimization (or 6 maybe)

  1. One objective per page (use pop-up windows for mandatory privacy policy, TOS, etc.)
  2. Headlines, Headlines, Headlines – the single most important thing to any landing page to drive an action is the Headline. He repeated this several times, stating that the headline is even more important than the call-to-action, lenghty sales copy and everything else. The headlines he says should be, “short and to the point”. he cited Square as the ideal headline and landing page configuration.
  3. Sell benefits not features. People buy on emotion, and justify with logic.
  4. Call to action buttons (testing different sizes, colors, shapes) – they can all make a difference, for docstoc dark forest green with all else being equal, works best as the color of the call-to-action button.
  5. Social Proof (client list, “as seen on” or press mentions, and customer testimonials) also on the purchase page ensure trust with “verified by” logo, placed near the button to ensure safety and security.
  6. Make your offer “Risk Free”, we all love guarantees, offering 100% money back guarantees. His experience shows that people don’t “abuse” this feature, even if all the user has to do is send an email and request a refund, even with digital products, they got a refund rate of less than half of one percent of the time on  a digital download.
  7. The 7th tip was left out but something that probably could go in here is testing, testing and testing some more. The more you know about what the best copy, color, shapes of buttons, the more your page converts and provides value and squeezes more leads out of the same traffic.
Should be an interesting afternoon with lots more great insights after lunch.  I also have some video from the rooftop bar, along with some other notes from other panels and should be putting up some more great nuggets from this awesome conference in the next week or so.
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