How to Convert .SWF ShockWave Flash Files to Video, .FLV .WMV Files for Editing

convert .swf to video filesThis is intended for someone looking to convert a .swf file to either a .wmp, .avi, or other format for use with simple video editors. This isn’t an advanced tutorial, or for those familiar with Flash and Adobe’s suite of products, you probably can do this much easier, but for those looking for a quick, tried method, this doesn’t require you buy anything and quite simply does the job as described.

While working with flash video files, i came across the need to convert a .swf file to a Windows Movie Maker friendly file format, unfortunately the editor would not let me use the ShockWave flash file as the source.  I had tried several guides online and found that many were outdated, had links to paid software programs or just didn’t work.  So, after getting the file converted from the .SWF format to a .WMV file, which is much friendlier and works with simple video editing programs I put this together for anyone else who wishes to quickly convert their shockwave files to a format you can use for YouTube, Movie Maker, whatever.

You will need to download a free program, which does the heavy lifting and was simple enough to uninstall afterwards if you wanted to.  So the steps are as follows.  You should have the .swf file handy in a folder on your drive somewhere ready to go.

Step One: Download iWisoft Flash/SWF to Video Converter for Free (opens in a new window) and install it on your computer.

Step Two: Open up the program and navigate to the main interface which will look something like this picture below.  The program works by capturing the contents of the shockwave flash video and then processing it to your desired output format. Click the “Open” button on the bottom left and navigate to where the .swf file is you want to convert.

iwisoft flash swf to video converter choose open .swf file location screen

Step Three: Click on the “settings” button to the bottom right and choose your desired output format and location for saving the file.

convert swf to video files choose destination and file type window

Step Four: From here you will want to click on the “Capture” button to start the conversion. The entire flash video will be captured and you should see it play at the conclusion of which the file will be converted and you will have the option to open the folder location or close.

convert swf to video files choose capture

Step Five: Once the video is processed you can go ahead and choose “open folder location” at the last prompt. Here you will find the video in the format that you put in step three. If you can’t remember where you saved the file, the default location is in”..\Documents\flash-swf-converter\name_of_your_file”

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  1. How to Convert .SWF ShockWave Flash Files to Video, .FLV .WMV Files for Editing

  2. Very good.Thanks

  3. How to Convert .SWF ShockWave Flash Files to Video, .FLV .WMV Files for Editing |

  4. When i try to convert, it gives me no audio. Although, when i preview it i do have audio, althought the quality sucks. Any ideas?

  5. This software does NOT support .swf files. It will not convert FROM a .swf. file.


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