Create Mobile Contacts From Paper Lists (in the snap of a pic)

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Ringya recently launched a contact management app that lets you create contact lists on your phone by simply snapping a picture of a paper list with names, email addresses and phone numbers on it. While other contact management apps exist, Plaxo, Xobni, and Google Contacts to name a few, Ringya is the first of it’s kind that lets you snap a picture and instantly create a contact list.

Ringya works by putting your contacts in groups, or “rings”, that represent where the person fits in your world. For instance – Sally Jones, VP Sales, Sales Team or John Smith, Jane Smith’s Father, Oak View School – so each person is contextually saved to your contact list. And you don’t have to add them one-by-one, which is a huge time saver, and something most people will never do for all their contacts.

You can also send an email to instantly create smart digital lists with very little effort. You can use it to create class lists for your kids, sports teams, co-workers, suppliers, and family for instance to solve real-world problems. For busy moms, it’s valuable to easily be able to find someone in your child’s class if your stuck in traffic, or need someone to pick them up. It also makes it easy to communicate with entire groups, and instead of an administrator distributing updated contact lists at work, they can be shared through Ringya and only have to be updated in one place, one time.

Ringya app screenshot

The Ringya App Lets You Create Mobile Contacts from Paper Lists

Ringya gets all those phone numbers you have tacked onto your fridge door or bulletin board into your smartphone – literally in a snap – and saves you from scrambling to find a contact list within email archives because all those people you may ever need from work, a class or a team are right at your fingertips,” said Gal Nachum, Ringya co-founder and CEO. “Ringya saves time and stress by providing users with instant access to people they need to contact but otherwise wouldn’t have added, one at a time, to their personal address book.”

Ringya is currently available for iOS users on iTunes for free, and the company plans on releasing an Android version soon. For users who want to be alerted when Ringya is ready for Android you can leave your information here.

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