Fastest Way to Remove Your Info from Spokeo

Quick Guide on Removing Your Information from Spokeo

Fastest way to remove your info from Spokeo

Spokeo positions itself as a white pages, yellow pages search product.  But what it doesn’t tell you is that what it actually is which happens to be a clearinghouse for information put online by you. Regardless of whether the network you put them on inundated you with privacy agreements that I would guesstimate less than a percentage of the people actually read, or you just happen to want the exposure on a particular network only, and for your personal information not to be sold to 3rd parties, but just used for that particular network….say Facebook, eventually your info. makes it on to these sites whose business model consists of selling private information (Yours), regardless of the tactics they used to acquire that information, to businesses, agencies or pretty much anyone with the 2-3 dollars it costs for a “listing”. Part of the messaging on their site is that you can track friends, or even total strangers.  That sounds to me like they are targeting and providing a service to a shady demographic and should maybe think twice about marketing to self selected stalkers, even if it is “just cyberstalking”.  Now i thought the yellow pages was a free service to the public because companies paid to have their businesses listed there, and as far as i know you still had to opt in to the white pages, or at the very least just let them know you prefer to be unlisted.  With services such as Spokeo, you have to actively pursue them to get your information removed.  Now here are the steps to remove your information from Spokeo.

  1. Navigate to and choose email address, at least this is how i found my page the quickest.
  2. Look for the link at the bottom (i’m talking bottom of the footer here) that says “Privacy”
  3. Click Privacy and fill out the pertinent information and click “Remove Listing”
  4. Now go and check the email account that you originally typed in to find your page in step 1.
  5. You should have received an email from Spokeo which you need to open and click on the second link, the one that says “To complete the removal process, please click this URL or paste it into your browser:”
Spokeo Privacy Page to Opt Out Remove Information

Spokeo Privacy Page to Opt Out Remove Information

The screen-shot above shows the page that should appear after you click the privacy link on the bottom of the page that comes up with your information on it.

See the link below in the footer to "privacy" - navigate to your page and click this

See the link below in the footer to "privacy" - navigate to your page and click this

You can see from the next sceen-shot on the left here where the privacy button is.  You are going to need to click on this to get to the remove page above.  First navigate to the page with your information on it, then click the “privacy” button.  I used email to find my pages, that seemed to be the fastest method.  I tried name, etc. but there were too many entries to sift through, even with a name like “Geoff Simon”, which all in all, not that common, but it seemed to appear everywhere.  Repeat and rinse when all your listings are removed.

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