Book Your Next Tee Time Online with an Open Table Site for Golfers

EZLinks Golf, Inc.’s CEO Gary Cohen, the company behind the new online tee time booking site summed things up, “Golf can be challenging. Booking a tee time shouldn’t be.” In the latest column from Crain’s Chicago Business Danny Ecker on Sports, Mr. Cohen said that online bookings for tee times rose 25% year over […]

Why 70% of Fortune Global 2000 Companies are Building Gamification Apps

Gartner predicts that by the end of 2014, over 70% of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one ‘gamified’ application. To put this in perspective, during 2012 only about 20% of Global 2000 companies deployed a gamified application. So what’s changed?

Vine Sharing Visualization (Infographic)

Thanks to the team at BuzzFork, folks can now look at some hard stats on Vine, the growing social media site designed to deliver short 6 second bursts of video goodness. With over 14 million users worldwide, the Twitter property is likely to be around a little bit.

Building Brand Loyalty through Social Media

Corduro, who operates the consumer app PayMobile, announced a new way for businesses to directly reach their best customers last week, and also simplify commerce and consumer rewards through the consumer mobile payment app .

Increase Online Video Interaction with Tools from Viewbix

Last week Viewbix announced a simple way for companies to optimize their online videos on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or virtually any other self-hosted video with new video search engine optimization (SEO) features for their marketing platform that provides several features.

Google+ Page Management with Sprout Social

With the latest numbers from the GlobalWebIndex pointing to Google+ as the new #2 social network (and YouTube as #3 BTW) on the planet, it was just a matter of time before social media marketing platforms started taking note. Today, Sprout Social, who has an estimated 10,000+ customers according to the announcement earlier Tuesday, will now make Google+ Pages manageable through its engagement, publishing and analytics platform.

How to Scale Native Advertising Campaigns Across Mediums

Announced yesterday, ad tech startup Sharethrough told AdWeek that it has developed a new technology called Real Time Templating (RTT), “…that breaks down an ad into it’s individual parts and reconstructs it according to the environment it will run in.” Why is this important? Because it could fundamentally change the way native advertising is used by both advertisers and publishers alike.

Taking the Middleman out of Mobile Publishing

MediaWire Mobile allows print publishers to publish digital editions to both Apple and Android OS’s using a single file, a PDF for example, and also comes with social login features, mobile analytics and reader registration data insights.

New Roger Ebert Site Gets Big Thumbs Up

What has become the culmination of an extended collaboration between Roger and Chaz Ebert as well as Chicago based web development company Table XI, the new contains a complete collection of movie reviews, vignettes and other unseen content from the film critic’s 40+ year career.

eMeals Launches Mobile App for Planning, Shopping & Saving on Meals

According to the last Gallup poll, on average, Americans spend about $7800 a year on groceries. eMeals announced Thursday they would be launching a new mobile app for iPhone designed to help shoppers bring that number down. As part of their online meal planning service, eMeals helps by consolidating recipes, shopping lists, coupons & loyalty programs into a single iPhone app designed for busy ‘on-the-go’ families who need efficient meal planning.

Tumblr Starts Showing Native Ads on it’s iOS & Android Apps

According to AdAge’s Cotton Delo, advertisers picked to kick-off Tumblr’s new foray into a growing mobile ad market include GE, Warner Bros. and ABC. Perhaps an anecdotal indication that Karp’s stomach doesn’t turn at the thought of using advertising to monetize anymore, is the lack of any Pepto ads to kick things off.

Appreciate Launches Personalized App Recommendations for Android

Appreciate announced Thursday the release of a personalized service designed to create a customized app discovery experience on Androids marketplace, Google Play. Appreciate hopes to nail app discovery by not only personalizing recommendations based on what’s popular across the network, but also what’s popular with the users’ friends using social network activity, big app data analytics and complex algorithms designed to produce a fresh feed of recommendations for users.

Foursquare Raises $41 mil. via Debt Prior to Big Summer Ad Push

This financing structure, which doesn’t require Foursquare to increase the equity portion of it’s balance sheet prompting more valuation questions, gives the company more time to fully realize the potential of it’s widely popular location-based recommendation and check-in app.

Debut of Smart Sites Gives Marketers New Options for Quick Mobile Responsive, Feature Rich Site Deployments

Not quite a landing page or a traditional website, digital-telepathy’s new Impress Smart Sites were launched yesterday to meet companies’ branding and performance objectives, and create a new category of website that blends elements from mobile rich experiences like Nest or Square, and serve the needs of companies running paid search campaigns for a branded experience that also delivers performance.

SugarCRM Adds Business Process Management Module

SugarCRM announced early Tuesday, integration with Colosa, Inc.’s open-source business process management (BPM) and Workflow suite, ProcessMaker. The new product, ProcessMaker SugarCRM Edition, is a new module that allows enterprise customers full access to standard BPM tools designed to optimize workflows within the SugarCRM environment

WalkMe Upgrades it’s Website Guidance Services

WalkMe, Inc. just announced upgrades to it’s service which allows website owners to create balloon style tips, making it easier for users to register, make purchases and perform any other task on your site from an easy drag and drop interface. The service now allows users to create to-do progress lists, automated guidance sequences for common tasks as well as an integrated search feature which refines searches to return more relevant results

Nimbuzz Releases Mobile Messaging App on Windows Phone 8

Nimbuzz, who recently surpassed the 150 million worldwide users mark, just released it’s mobile messaging app for Windows Phone 8, capitalizing on the new phones adoption in global markets. The majority of Nimbuzz users are in emerging markets, and the company has become a major player in the space along with WhatsApp, Skype, GroupMe and others

Zendesk for Mobile Adds Native iPad App to Mix

Zendesk announced upgrades to it’s cloud-based customer service software Tuesday. The new Zendesk for iPad brings into focus how people actually use customer support software on mobile platforms, particularly the iPad, by streamlining things like it’s reporting dashboard and allowing customer service rep’s to view ticket history on a company or customer level.

Larky Launches App to Capitalize on Membership Savings

180 million people are members of organizations like the AARP, USAA and AAA, and all of these places offer discounts to consumers, but most don’t take the time, or aren’t proactive in the process. Aiming to make this easier, Larky announced a free web-site and iPhone app today that delivers information about discounts and perks at the point at which you’re going to buy something already.

Upgrades to LinkedIn Search

LinkedIn announced several enhancements to it’s search features yesterday, including streamlining people, companies, and job search into a single comprehensive results page. Previously you had to search for people, jobs or companies separately. This, in addition to several other features including auto-complete, suggested searches, algorithm changes, enhanced advanced search and automated alerts.

FirstRain Releases Customer Intelligence Module for Salesforce Touch

Salesforce Touch just got it’s first third-party enterprise integration from FirstRain, allowing Salesforce Touch users to seamlessly add business and customer intelligence to their apps. The announcement, which came last week, allows data integration from FirstRain’s patented big data analytics technology to present relevant business intelligence information and visualizations directly into apps built on the Salesforce Touch Platform

Google Reader Alternatives, Digg Announces it’ll Build RSS Reader

The news of Google shutting down Reader on July 1st has left many users loyal to the technology disappointed. And left people on the other side shaking their head, wondering why it’s gone on for this long, as the numbers have been declining since it’s inception back in 2005.

SAFEClickID Targets Home Service Businesses Serious About Security

SAFEClickID differentiates itself from other sites that list scores of companies and charges customers to join and write reviews by placing the burden on the home service companies to foot the bill to prove they are serious about consumer safety and security. Companies also agree to have employees (including contractors) screened every 12-months by a firm accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

TabSync & TabCam from AVer Enhances iPads Educational Use

The TabCam and TabSync improve use of iPads in the classroom by providing charging capabilities for multiple devices as well as the ability for educators to create interactive, dynamic lessons that be accessed by students anywhere, anytime.

Microsofts ‘Scroogled’ Ad Campaign will Continue

“Scroogled will go on as long as Google keeps Scroogling people.” The statement continues, stating Weitz’s comments are not true and that we should, “stay tuned for the next chapter.” This is at least good news for the conversation around privacy, because inevitably any time the campaign is talked about the issue of what both companies are doing comes up, not just what Google is doing with Gmail.