SingleHop Announces VMware Powered Public Cloud

Chicago-based SingleHop, who manages automated hosting and infrastructure services, announced they will be offering a new enterprise grade public cloud powered by VMware. This allows companies to take advantage of the instant scalability, reliability and other rich capabilities of VMware’s VCloud® Suite, without all the hassles of it’s technical back-end.

SaneBox for Teams Streamlines Your Enterprise Inbox

SaneBox for Teams announced to allow business to also take advantage of it’s smart email filtering program to help boost productivity. According to a study by McKinsey Global Institute, an average employee spends about 13 hours a week reading and responding to email. SaneBox claims that it’s email filtering service can save the average worker 100 hours/year.

Nextdoor Looks to Build Next Big Social Network ‘Block-by-block’

Nextdoor, the social network targeting the ‘hyper-local’ market, announced Tuesday that it has raised $21.6 million in it’s latest round of funding. Led by veteran Greylock Partner venture capitalist David Sze, Nextdoor is trying to build the next big social network for neighbors, block-by-block

Nimbuzz for BlackBerry 10 Debuts First Integrated Comm’s App

BlackBerry selected Nimbuzz as a pre-launch recipient of it’s new SDK, allowing them to prepare it’s BB10 messaging app ahead of then Research in Motion’s, BlackBerry 10 announcement. The new app provides free picture and video messaging, file sharing, chat and is the first to integrate GTalk, Yahoo, and Facebook Messenger within a single BlackBerry application.

Viralheat Launches New All-in-one Social Monitoring, Publishing & Analytics Platform

While there are plenty of social media tools out there that are great for certain things, it’s still a fairly fragmented industry. While services like Hootsuite, for instance, may be great for publishing, there isn’t a whole lot of social media listening integration. Looking to solve this problem, Viralheat announced upgrades earlier today, including unifying publishing, listening and analytics from a single dashboard.

Protect Your Bubble Announces New $1/day Rental Insurance

Specialty insurance company, Protect Your Bubble, who offers low-cost insurance on everything from small electronics, major appliances to pets and travel announced a new renters insurance category Thursday

Druva Announces Enterprise Endpoint Backup for Private Clouds

Druva software just announced a new private cloud option for it’s unified endpoint management platform inSync, that lets enterprise clients safely deploy solutions to manage and protect data on the numerous devices used by the new mobile workforce. Designed with enterprise needs in mind, Druva’s private cloud solution offers the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, as well as the ability to host infrastructure behind company firewalls, to take advantage of cost savings as well as security and compliance issues.

Brands Increased Use of Stock Images on Social Media Profiles

Dreamstime, a stock photography site, posted the results of a survey from 1,100 designers to reveal their preferences on using stock images. Some of the results are discussed below, but one interesting finding was the increase in brands using stock photography to represent them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others.

RIM Changes Name, Releases BlackBerry 10

At it’s BlackBerry 10 launch event Wednesday morning, Research in Motion released it’s newest mobile operating system, and also quelled any hesitation about it’s commitment to the platform by actually changing it’s name to BlackBerry. The company will now trade under the ‘BBRY’ ticker on Nasdaq, and ‘BB’ on TSX.

Brands Take Advantage of Super Bowl Power Outage

It’s happened before, in the NFL, NHL Stanley Cup back in 1988, and MLB numerous times, when a game must be delayed due to circumstances beyond the control of everyone’s best laid plans. But this past Sunday, when the power went out for 34 minutes during the Super Bowl, some quick thinking brands – Oreo, Tide, and Audi to name a few, used the unforeseen event to engage in some humor on social media site Twitter.

Cloud Based Digital Asset Management Picks up Steam

Widen Enterprises announced that its cloud-based digital asset management solution (DAM), Media Collective, will be adopted by WAGO Corporation, a company that manufactures components for electrical connection technology and electronic components for decentralized automation technology And the automotive industry isn’t the only one choosing to use cloud-based DAM solutions.

Create Mobile Contacts From Paper Lists (in the snap of a pic)

Ringya recently launched a contact management app that lets you create contact lists on your phone by simply snapping a picture of a paper list with names, email addresses and phone numbers on it. While other contact management apps exist, Plaxo, Xobni, and Google Contacts to name a few, Ringya is the first of it’s kind that lets you snap a picture and instantly create a contact list.

Are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s) Changing Education?

The idea of using the collective intelligence of a community or group of people to solve a problem isn’t anything new. Much like the massively multi-player online role playing games (MMORPG’s) work in gaming, massive open online courses (MOOC’s) works for education.

Picking the Right Cloud Service Solution

Finding the right cloud storage provider is now easier with small business and consumer review site, who announced a cloud storage category offering consumers its top picks. It also allows visitors to compare cloud storage services like SugarSync, mozy, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox side-by-side, looking at price, features & benefits as well as actual user reviews in one place to help people make more informed decisions.

MuckerLab’s Winter 2013 Demo Day Showcases 10 LA Startups

The Los Angeles based startup accelerator, MuckerLab is hosting it’s second annual demo day this afternoon in Santa Monica. 10 of LA’s startups will have their chance to pitch business models, opportunities in markets to audience members.

Mobile Coupons Let You ‘Extreme Coupon’ Without the Heavy Lifting

It makes sense, the easier it is to find, save and redeem a coupon, the more likely someone is to use it. And when you find a good deal, isn’t it natural to want to share that with others? This is what a new breed of companies are doing, focused on helping consumers get the value of coupons without all the heavy lifting you might see on a show like TLC’s Extreme Couponing.

What Credit Card Should You Use? There’s an App for That

Wallaby Financial launches app that will tell you exactly which card to use to get the most rewards back, taking into account the merchant, credit cards available, and any specials or promotions. Maximize cash back, miles, or points automatically by using the right card, all the time.

Five Event Management Trends Driving Business in 2013

After several years of contraction, the corporate events market is poised for expansion, according to a recent article in Successful Meetings. Analysts from independent research firmAberdeen Group have also estimated spending on corporate events to rise by 20% over the next 2 years.

Career Development in the Social Media Era

A recent article in Investor’s Business Daily highlighted some ways in which savvy executives can help cultivate their workforce in a new era, with new tools, and new methods. Among the new tools, and trends in corporate development was the ability to constantly train employees, allow lateral and not just vertical movement.

Top 5 Security Predictions for 2013

Times of turbulence in the mobile security field, privacy violations at an all-time high, online fraud accompanied by blackmail storms and more cyber warfare clouding the security industry make it difficult to predict what will happen over the next year. But according to Bullguard, the future couldn’t be more clear.

MarkedUp Launches App Analytics for Desktop, Windows 8 Phone

It’s no wonder it didn’t happen sooner given that the desktop app economy is about 10x larger than any other native development platform. Estimated to be around $100 billion industry, the desktop software market was ripe for a solution that seemed to be so prevalent on other platforms with far less reach

Top Social Networks for Driving Offline Activities

Connecting the dots between online social interactions and offline activities has become an increasingly important metric, but also one that is probably the most difficult to actually measure. But that didn’t stop San Diego based ACTIVE Network (NYSE: ACTV) from trying. The company, who helps businesses and organizations get participants, manage events and build communities released the findings of their ‘Beyond the Click’ survey which looked at the top 5 social networks and the role they play in driving offline activities.

ProProfs Releases Free Tool for Online Surveys

Designed for small businesses, educators, and marketers alike, ProProfs Survey Maker allows people to easily create, distribute and analyze survey data for up to 50 people using a drag and drop interface. A small upgrade fee enables users who require unlimited surveys, additional reporting and security features, the ability to create more complicated surveys for larger respondent pools.

How Bring Your Own Device ‘BYOD’ Trend Costs Businesses

Highlighted by the trend of people bringing their own devices (BYOD) to work, the study pinpoints backup, file sharing, data loss prevention (DLP) and analytics as areas where unified endpoint protection can save companies millions.

Gift Cards Most Requested Gift This Year, Some Tips & Insight

Originally Published as Gift Cards Most Requested Gift for Fifth Straight Year on Technorati According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), about 58% of adults would like to receive a gift card this holiday. This marks the fifth straight year in which gift cards are the most requested holiday gift according to NRF’s lastest consumer spending report. […]