FirstRain Announces Performinator for Customer Intelligence

First Rain LogoFirstRain, whose solutions help sales and marketing professionals glean customer intelligence and analytics from the web as well as social sites like Twitter, announced the launch of Performinator yesterday.  Performinator, according to the company announcement, “…transforms major accounts sales and marketing teams into amazingly well-informed customer intelligence superstars.”  With the increasing amount of information out there, including the 250 million tweets a day on that platform alone, it’s becoming vital for sales professionals to not only be able to find information about companies and industries but cultivate and sort that information based on what will actually help move the sales needle.

“FirstRain Performinator is a customer intelligence solution that’s so easy and so well tuned to your company’s strategy that for the first time, everyone on your team can understand your customers’ businesses as deeply as your superstars do,” says FirstRain CEO Penny Herscher. “The world’s best B2B sales and marketing teams deeply appreciate the business challenges and end-markets of their major customers in order to build relationships, identify risk and close revenue. With FirstRain Performinator, customer intelligence is instant, it’s easy and it’s everywhere.”

Customers using Performinator can access insights from anywhere, as Herscher stated, whether that is through, SharePoint Server, Dynamics, Jive, Chatter, iPad’s, smartphones or any number of  other CRM, mobile devices and enterprise platforms supported.  The standard edition of  Performinator includes three distinct customer intelligence modules:

  1. Personal Intelligence Carousel allows individuals to easily select, view, and share the intelligence on their top customer accounts and markets.  This module acts as a starting point for many of the activities sales professionals perform daily. First Rain Personal Intelligence Carousel
  2. The Market Landscape module provides a detailed view of the companies, markets and competitors that influence your business
  3. The Account Snapshot delivers a dynamically generated brief on any company in your CRM system.

These different modules can be housed on CRM systems like, Dynamics as well as enterprise platforms like SharePoint Server, Jive or Chatter in addition to being able to access them from mobile devices and tablets.

dreamforce conference 2012

The company as well as leaders from GE Capital will be discussing Performinator and how business can use this new solution at the Dreamforce 2012 Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on September 20, 2012.

Also, for those interested, FirstRain is running a promotion that coincides with the Dreamforce ’12 Conference.  All you have to do is stop by booth #1626 and take your pic as the FirstRain ‘Carrot’.  Then share the photo on FirstRain’s Facebook page, promote it on Twitter and anywhere else you can. Whoever gets the most Facebook likes or Retweets wins an iPad!  For more details about the promotion visit FirstRain’s Facebook Page here.

To learn more about Performinator, or to schedule a demo you can visit their website at

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