FourSquare Now Allows Business Owners to Add Their Own Events

According to an announcement made by FourSquare yesterday, business owners can now add their own events to their FourSquare venue pages. The feature used to only allow for events through their partners to be added, ESPN for sporting events, for movies and SongKick for concerts, but now business owners can add their own events. This is a huge step for businesses like hotels, bars, restaurants, etc. that can now promote things like karaoke night, wine tastings and book signings for instance.  

foursquare events screenshot

New FourSquare Event Check-in

Users of the service will be able to see more things to do in their area via the ‘discovery’ tab, and by adding events, businesses can help them decide on what to do when they are actively looking. Users will also be able to see these events when they check-in to a location, much like they were able to before with sporting events, concerts and movies.

Much like the screenshot  showing what game is being played at Yankee Stadium the day you’re there, business owners can now add their own events, even if they don’t come from FourSquare’s partners. This will allow users to check in to these specific events, rather than having to check-in, then shout out what event they’re at.

foursquare event when you checkin to a venue

To start adding events, business owners just need to login to their manager accounts at and click on the ‘TOOLS’ tab at the top of the page. If you still need to claim your business you can do so at  And with this added events feature it gives owners, particularly those who do hold frequent events, another compelling reason to get started with FourSquare.


  1. FourSquare Now Allows Business Owners to Add Their Own Events

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