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If you haven’t looked at the rest of the site and just read the blog articles and view the bookmarks, it’s worth mentioning that I will be building out a comprehensive set of free SEO tools under the services menu for now.

Currently there is a Keyword Suggestion Tool and a Niche Keyword Finder.  I have also just found a sponsor to provide several more additional free SEO tools like a Domain Age Check, Keyword Density, Keyword Clouds, Indexation Tools, Link Popularity tools and

much more.  So check back, I will try to add at least one new tool a day.  Over the weekend I can probably get to more, but Disney keeps me busy with SEO work there during the week, so don’t expect too much.  I can only do so much.

I think people who don’t blog, or don’t blog with SEO in mind misunderstand just how time consuming it can be.  But when you get that one comment saying you helped someone find something, or you were able to give someone information they couldn’t find elsewhere, or just happy clients make me want to keep moving forward.  I might not have the most followers, visits or even the best content, but I think i have found a nice little platform to sound off about search in general, some news thrown in and now some free SEO tools.  Seems to me that I’m adding value by consolidating information, tools and more in one place.  It also doesn’t hurt that the site actually drives business to Simon Search Marketing, which was ultimately what is was designed for, but now with a full time job and maxed out on freelance clients, I still want to keep it as a resource, a tool, a place to relax and converse and interact with others with similar interests.  I find it useful to participate in other blog communities as well, so there are some i read religiously and others that I wish there was more time in the day  to read, but I thought I would outline some of the creme de la creme of Search blogs broken down in to a few different categories.  For instance, Science for SEO does a great job of looking at SEO from a scientific perspective, while a site like Web Pro News focuses on a lot of topics, but generally maintains a news production feel to it, especially the videos.  These are both great resources but for different reasons.  Anyway, hopefully i can get that put together shortly also.

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Geoff is owner/operator of Simon Search Marketing. He graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Business Administration from California State Polytechnic University in 2003. Geoff immediately secured employment as an account coordinator with Grey Direct West, (now G2 Direct & Digital) working for Bank of Americas online banking division. From there Geoff has worked in a search marketing capacity for companies including Intermark Group, Disney Interactive Media Group, and Toyota Dealers Association. During his time Geoff has worked on brands including Disney Family, Toyota, Lexus, National Geographic, Red Bull USA Events, That '70s Show and Carsey Werner.
Geoff likes ice-hockey, is a Chicago native and proud dad to his almost 1-year old son Cyrus.
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    Free New Keyword Tools

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