Google Instant Optimization Tool

Google Suggest are Keywords that appear when you begin typing your query (suggestions) and the number of suggestions dependsd on a few things; settings, keyword stemming and search volume.  So since Google has changed the way they use Google Suggest, the sites that rank for the suggested terms are seeing a nice bump in traffic, and those terms have also seen an increase in traffic month over month.  The following tool helps you evaluate the keyword sets that appear when people search for the first few letters you put in the box on the left.  The tool still needs a nice interface, but it works.  Basically you type the first few words of a query in on the left.  For instance “Fl” and hit enter, you will see what Google Instant shows as “suggestions” that you can scroll to, and hit enter to complete your query.  It’s important to rank for all the keywords that appear and are relevant to your business, so take note of what keywords Google populates when someone types in “Fl”, then maybe “Flo”, “flow”, “flowe” and “flower” if you have a flower business.  Take note and optimize your site for these pre-determined terms and you should benefit from the way Google Instant operates.  More directions follow:

  • Put the first, say 3-5 words of your search query, or any portion of it, just not the entire query on the left box.  I use the example diapers.  I want to target diapers because I own Pampers, I would type in “diap” maybe.
  • Then on the right, choose your language, the default if French, so hit English to get results in English.
  • The number refers to search depth and the bigger the number the more stemming, the more keyword variations.  Start with 1 and then work your way up from there.
  • Hit the go button and underneath the box it will show you what shows up on Google Instant as suggestions when someone starts to type “diap”, which might be completely different, and keep this in mind, if you just did “dia”, so it’s good to try and screenshot or put in the different letters you put in and what keyword sets come up.
  • Optimize your site for the keywords that appear in the results and you should see a slight at worst, dramatic at best bump in your traffic.

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