Glocal Launches Online Local Video News Site

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glocal logoAccording to the lastest numbers from comScore, there were around 39 billion video views for the month of August, which is up slightly from the previous months numbers, but fairly steady compared to the same month last year.  This translates in to about 85% of all U.S. Internet users who watched one or more online videos. This healthy appetite for video has prompted content providers to focus more energy and resources on cultivating and aggregating video content for their users.

The top video destinations included in the comScore research indicated that most videos were consumed by Google sites collectively (YouTube mostly), accounting for almost 80% of all unique viewers.  What isn’t included in the top video sites for the U.S. is Glocal, which is actually pronounced “GLOW-cull”, not “G-Local” as noted by a CBS Detroit article.  The site, which was just launched out of beta last Wednesday reminds us that at the moment, there isn’t really a video only site that is dedicated to local content.  It also reminds us, as a GigaOM article states, “that online video isn’t always about the big hits that are popular everywhere.”

The company is being run by longtime friends Aaron Hodari and Lincoln Cavalieri, who,according to ReelSEO, “came up with the idea during a brainstorming session after reading an article about Hulu. We know from a study conducted a few months ago that YouTube’s top 20 news stories garnered 96 million views, and 22 million people watch their local news on TV every night.” This indicated to the duo that the desire to see local news online was there.

By partnering with 1,900 quality local and national networks including the Associated Press, who allow their videos to be re-posted online, the site provides this exact service. Users can choose their location on a map, filter content by categories such as news, sports, entertainment, politics, lifestyle, tech or business and also follow trends.  Looking at the items today, trending video include footage from all kinds of local affiliates covering Super-storm Sandy

Speaking to Matt Roush from CBS Detroit, Hodari revealed some initial results from early adopter publishers including Crain’s Detroit Business and Detroit Public TV.  The site operates on a revenue sharing deal with publishers so the incentive for them is; they have this content already created, and if a site like Glocal can generate incremental views, this adds to the return on their video investment. For Crain’s, “we get pretty much the same number of views for them as YouTube does, and we have way less users” says Hodari.

So what’s next? “The progression now is to build up a user base,” Cavalieri said.  They are looking to raise another round of funding to develop the “moneymaking side of the platform”, which is it’s advertising model. The idea is to offer compelling advertising options geared towards the local merchant, while also offering some type of help with the video editing itself, whether it’s software or an online tool to help the local merchants they are targeting generate quality video content for their ad network. This could prove to be important, as their target advertiser might not have the marketing dollars to create the type of professional looking video the site wants.

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