Google Reader Alternatives, Digg Announces it’ll Build RSS Reader

The news of Google shutting down Reader on July 1st has left many users loyal to the technology disappointed. And left people on the other side shaking their head, wondering why it’s gone on for this long, as the numbers have been declining since it’s inception back in 2005.

Google Drive iPad, Android Updates

Google announced today updates to both the iOS and Android versions of it’s Drive product. Probably the biggest update is the iPod version of the software now allows editing of documents, something that the Android version has had for over a year now. You can also now move files, including photos and video from your […]

Google+ Goes to Work, Launches New Business Tools & Features

Originally published as Google+ Goes to Work, Launches New Features Designed for Business Use on Technorati Social Media After a few months of private beta testing with select pilot companies, Google announced yesterday the launch of new Google+ business features and tools designed to capitalize on a trend the company is calling, “going Google”.  What is “going […]

Breakdown of a Persons Google Results Page (INFOGRAPHIC)

Originally published as Breakdown of a Persons Google Results on Technorati. Every day there are 1 billion names searched in Google – 94% of those searching don’t look past the first page. Brand Youself, a company aimed at helping individuals put their best links forward so to speak, when Googled, released a pretty useful infographic today. What it […]

Google’s Panda Update One Year Later (Infographic)

Thanks to the folks at BlueGlass and Search Engine Land for this insightful graphic on how Google’s Panda updates evolved and where we stand today.  Ever since BlueGlass decided to buy Voltier Digital, the infographics coming from them have been excellent, looking forward to more. Related Posts: Breakdown of a Persons Google Results Page (INFOGRAPHIC) […]

Google Runs Christmas Commercial Touting Hangouts

Article first published as Google Runs Christmas Commercial Touting Hangouts on Technorati. Google is not know for running Television spots, despite the latest one which ran on Thanksgiving, promoting Google+, the last spot I remember was the spot, Parisian Love during the Super Bowl in early 2010.  The most recent, run yesterday, was smart for a number […]

Google Rolls “Users Privacy” in AdWords Product

Today Google announced that it would address privacy concerns by encrypting url’s for logged in users.  By default Google is turning on SSL for all logged in users.  This impacts users of Google Analytics who previously relied on this data to make business decisions.  By hiding this data for users of GA, they are crippling […]

Poor Spelling and Low PageRank Go Hand in Hand on Google

In a Google Webmaster Video today, Matt Cutts, head of webspam over at Google, made a statement correlating a web pages PageRank with spelling errors.  The more spelling errors, the lower the pagerank.  The video is included in the full post for people to watch, there are a few other good questions answered by probably […]

Google+ Guide Updated Continuously

The publication Mashable put out an Excellent guide on Google+ that is updated continuously as new topics are covered. A good place to discuss some of the pros and cons of the service with peers. For me the one thing that stands out with Google+ is the ability to really use the circles as filters […]

Continual Changes at Google – Places, Instant, now Site Preview

Who said Google was stagnant and Bing was the company re-inventing the way people search?  I’m not sure that anyone did, but if they were to have said something like that, or that thought maybe crossed your mind, then you are looking around confused right about now.  I mean for the one product Google has […]

New Google Instant Keyword Optimization Tool

I recently tweaked an old script to help SEO practitioners optimize for Google Instant. Imagine if you could optimize for all the keywords that appear when you start typing in words? With this tool, it will tell you based on what you type in, what will appear as ‘suggestions’ from Google Instant. If you’re interested […]

Google’s Matt Cutts Discusses Canonical Tag Issues

With the lightspeed changes in the way webmasters are allowed to use canonicals, including cross-domain canonicals, e commerce sites using them in their own way, some using them as quick 301 replacements (Do Canonical’s pass Page Rank?)  Find out by watching the video Related Posts: Are Google Duplicate Content Penalties a Myth? Well according to […]

Ranking Factors: Google News from Google Employee Video

I came across this while stumbling stuff for a Spanish language site that I am working on and found it extremely interesting.  There is a lot in there, almost all you need to know if your familiar with SEO, on how to optimize for the news search portion of the site. Without any more hesitation, […]

Could Lack of Customer Support Kill the Nexus One?

For some it’s a pastime, poor customer service and a general mistrust and sort of half cocked hatred towards bad consumer electronics companies.  I can remember before blogs became a sort of consumer equalizer many had no where in common to vent, aside from the BBB, email or unless a class action lawsuit was initiated, […]

How to Create Proper Google Video Sitemaps

So back in December of 2007 Google’s Video team announced changes to their sitemap protocol. Specifically changes to the way Google uses sitemaps to index your video content. Now this can be done for a number of different sites that have videos, but would be an absolute killer change for sites that contain mostly video […]

Are Google Duplicate Content Penalties a Myth?

Well according to Greg Grothaus from the Google Search Quality team it is. We are used to getting tips from Matt Cutt’s YouTube channel, great channel to subscribe to by the way if you do not already subscribe, but this time someone from Search Quality has weighed in on the subject of duplicate content. For […]

Cash4Gold Has Some Serious PR Problems

According to several sites, including one submitted to a complaint board by a former Cash4Gold employee, located in Pompano Beach, FL. details the entire Cash4Gold Scam.  Consumers should be warned that by sending their gold to a company that is accused of these things is risking their gold. Details of the entire Cash4Gold Scam can […]

Quick Guide to Local Search on Google, Yahoo

The Internet has opened the door to a huge global audience for any organization advertising products or services.  But what if your target audience is a local one?  Two of the most popular Internet search engines have developed tools that give online visitors the ability to perform local searches, so they can find exactly what […]