Google Runs Christmas Commercial Touting Hangouts

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Google is not know for running Television spots, despite the latest one which ran on Thanksgiving, promoting Google+, the last spot I remember was the spot, Parisian Love during the Super Bowl in early 2010.  The most recent, run yesterday, was smart for a number of different reasons.  The first being Hangouts are probably the most underused feature on G+, and the importance of Google gaining traction in the social space is crucial to keeping pace with the likes of Facebook and Twitter.  Don’t get me wrong, their core search product will continue to attract advertising dollars because lets face it, who doesn’t use Google, right? But new advertising dollars are going to be funneled to social outlets and for different reasons.  Google has already had a number of failures in social, including the recently announced death of Wave just to name one.

The latest spot is smart because it capitalizes on one of the differentiating factors of Google+’s services, Hangouts.  Hangouts allow you to video chat in real-time with any of the people in your circles.  The video piece actually does a good job of conveying the message, showing the Muppets rocking out in a Google+ Hangout.  All the antics of the Muppets while also showing people how easy and fun the service can be to use.

Google also needs consumers to join the service. By using the Muppets, which are hot off a new movie release, they are reaching the right audience. Google+ has had tremendous growth with early adopters, search marketing practitioners, marketers but have lacked perhaps the most important component, the end user. Delivering value to this user is something Facebook and Twitter have found a way to do, Google+ has yet to do that.

The muppets rocking out on Google+ does a great job of both entertaining and informing consumers how easy and fun Hangouts can be to use. I mean if a bunch of furry little monsters can use Hangouts, I’m sure you can too! Overall I believe the piece was a success and who knew Beaker actually has a good singing voice.

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