Could Lack of Customer Support Kill the Nexus One?

For some it’s a pastime, poor customer service and a general mistrust and sort of half cocked hatred towards bad consumer electronics companies.  I can remember before blogs became a sort of consumer equalizer many had no where in common to vent, aside from the BBB, email or unless a class action lawsuit was initiated, or just by word of mouth, which was broadened by email and the Internets older message boards, BBS’s, etc. and now we have been reduced to what DaveN, or Dave Naylor calls “ as where a consumer turns for service on the new Nexus One Phone.  And i know a lot of people have sometimes become frustrated by the voice recognition in their phone, for instance, just while trying to do the right thing by not sitting there dialing in traffic.  And let’s get real, I live in a state where it’s illegal to drive without a bluetooth device in your ear, isn’t it more dangerous actually dialing the number than it is to actually talk on the phone once it’s connected?  Also the not so great voice recognition customer service hotlines set up by all kinds of B2B and B2C companies that refuse to actually transfer you to a human being unless you first go through endless futile attempts to understand, what you thought was pretty good english…..(no smart ass j0kes here).

Nexus One Customer Service

Nexus One Customer Service

My point here is about the new Nexus One and the copious amounts of money spent on the home page of Google the other day.  And what search terms have spiked based on Google Trends?  First you would expect the awareness numbers to jump up with all the attention.  The index for this is 1 based on how Google Trends works.  What other term has that same index is also 1, Nexus One Customer Service.  This is based on the rules of how this index number is calculated which you can read on Google trends, but basically it’s a measure of that term against either other times and since there is not much data to work with, this might not be the best example.  But I still think the biggest obstacle to the long term success of the Nexus One will be the amount of customer service Google is willing to give to it’s, as far as I can remember is Googles first consumer electronic hardware device of this kind.

I could be way off base here, but for anyone that has had to deal with Google as a regular consumer of adwords, adsense, etc., you know how much Google likes to dish out the customer service.

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