Landing Page Optimization: What is it & How to Improve it’s Performance?

Want your website to yield more sales conversions? If so, use this 12-step for landing page optimization. This checklist offers “recovery” measures you can take, to create a vibrant, well-trafficked website – and a healthier ROI site to match!

What’s a Landing Page?

A landing page is a website page that visitors arrive on upon clicking your link. This could be your Home page or another Web page on your site. Its job is to present visitors an awesome, persuasive sales pitch. But it takes a lot more than sales copy to convince people to buy from you. Implement various landing page optimization tips to increase your sales conversions.

Landing pages typically display sales copy related to an advertisement or promotional link a visitor clicked. Thus, a true landing page has some type of transactional goal, e.g., to buy now, or register for something, or contact you for a job quote.

If you’ve paid for traffic via a banner or pay-per-click ad or sponsored links, you definitely need to see plenty of sales-action happening! This is what landing page optimization helps achieve.

Goals for Landing Page Optimization

Good landing pages are designed for heavy lifting. Every page element must be crafted just right, removing all doubts and distractions from your goal – which is to move the visitor closer to a sale . . . Or a pre-sale . . . Often, by offering a free report or something of similar high-value, a landing page acts as a great funnel for mailing list building. Once visitors provide their contact information in exchange for the freebie, you can stay in contact – keep following-up to actualize a sale(s).

12-step Checklist for Landing Page Optimization

Ultimately, every element of a landing page should strategic and intentional, presenting the best case for choosing you for business, and not your competitors.

What follows are 12 key aspects of building a solid, sales-generating landing page. Use these landing page optimization tips to identify tweaks to make on your site . . .

  1. Professional Website Design. Usually, the more expensive a site looks, the more credibly your business is perceived. You’ll still need persuasive sales copy, but the first impression – the visual elements – can make or break interest right away.
  2. Reflect your target demographic. Design your landing page based on your demographic. The images, language, price and navigation should all have your target customer in mind. Even the offer itself must be crafted in line with what the target would find appealing.
  3. Customize pages per segment. If you offer multiple services or products, create a separate landing page for everything you sell. This allows you to a) perfectly customize your sales pitch for each customer type, and b) measure and compare your strongest vs. weakest market segments.
  4. Strategically choose your keywords. Smart keyword selection is the foundation of every online marketing effort. If you don’t research and test your keywords, sales conversions will suffer. Be sure your keywords accurately reflect what your PPC ads or promotional blurbs promise, or people will quickly exit in disappointment.
  5. Write persuasive sales copy. A strong headline is crucial to landing page optimization. A headline should convey the benefits of choosing your product or service. Use language that shows you understand the reader’s challenges or needs. Place key information “above the fold,” i.e., near the top of the Web page, where it can’t be missed. Write body copy that details how your product/service delivers what your headline promises.
  6. Repeat your call-to-action. Landing page optimization is also about convenience . . . If you have lots of sales copy, repeat your core message and call-to-action at appropriate intervals. Make it require little scrolling to take the next step. Create links at the top, middle, and end of your sales pitch.
  7. Include elements that instill trust. Building trust is essential to landing page optimization. Simply put, “appearing” trustworthy increases sales conversions. Show evidence of relevant certifications or memberships. Show transparency by making it easy to get in touch. People gain confidence about doing business when they know how to contact you.
  8. Showcase testimonials. If you’ve been endorsed by influential businesses or people, include their testimonials. Written testimonials are fine; video testimonials are even better. If you’ve garnered none thus far, go back and ask a few satisfied customers to write a couple of sentences you can use.
  9. Remove temptations and distractions. Focus! Your goal is to trigger a sale, so the fewer “off-goal” links on a page, the better. If your website or blog layout options allow it, don’t show a sidebar on a landing page. Keep those eyeballs centered on your sales pitch, and not links to your favorite photos, etc. Those clicks don’t usually result in sales conversions.
  10. Enable social bookmarking and sharing. One thing that Internet users do best is freely share good stuff. Help visitors share your goods or services with the many people with whom they’re connected. Add “share” buttons to make it easy for them to spread your news – for free!
  11. Track and measure everything. Have a testing mechanism in place to gauge your landing page optimization efforts. Use at least one analytics program to study what’s happening on your landing page – where the traffic is coming from, which keywords are delivering your best traffic, whether they’re using a mobile device, and much more. Use a program like the free Google Analytics, or better software such as SiteCatalyst. To discover even more useful tracking information, add the Ginzametrics SEO Platform delivered as a cloud-based software service to your metrics mix. This analytics tool uniquely offers SEO suggestions and fixes, making it easy to improve your sales conversions.
  12. A/B TestingValidate your choices by running A/B Tests. You’ll be surprised by the improved conversion results you get just by making minimal tweaks on your landing page. The best way to know which tweaks actually improve your results is to do a series of A/B Tests. Most Web analytics programs allow you to do this – track two versions of a landing page – so you can compare results. Some of the variables you can test:
  • Different headlines
  • Different body copy
  • Different font style and/or font colors
  • A few testimonials vs. several testimonials (even with or without photos)
  • Different graphic images and call-to-action buttons
  • Placement of links in different areas
  • Various copy lengths (i.e., lots of sales copy vs. much less)

Landing page optimization is about cultivating the best possible environment to achieve more sales conversions. So never assume you have all the elements just right. Use the best Web analytics program you can to test all kinds of options – and then test some more.

About Geoff Simon

Geoff is owner/operator of Simon Search Marketing. He graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Business Administration from California State Polytechnic University in 2003. Geoff immediately secured employment as an account coordinator with Grey Direct West, (now G2 Direct & Digital) working for Bank of Americas online banking division. From there Geoff has worked in a search marketing capacity for companies including Intermark Group, Disney Interactive Media Group, and Toyota Dealers Association. During his time Geoff has worked on brands including Disney Family, Toyota, Lexus, National Geographic, Red Bull USA Events, That '70s Show and Carsey Werner.
Geoff likes ice-hockey, is a Chicago native and proud dad to his almost 1-year old son Cyrus.
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