Upgrades to LinkedIn Search

LinkedIn updates search featuresLinkedIn announced several enhancements to it’s search features yesterday, including streamlining people, companies, and job search into a single comprehensive results page. Previously you had to search for people, jobs or companies separately.  This, in addition to several other features including auto-complete, suggested searches, algorithm changes, enhanced advanced search and automated alerts.

Last year alone, there were 5.7 billion searches performed on LinkedIn, so clearly people are looking for one another, companies and job prospects across the professionally oriented social platform. Improving it’s search feature, LinkedIn hopes to also increase it’s engagement with visitors, leading to more activity across different areas of it’s site.

Improvements to search include a smarter query intent algorithm, which means that the more you search for content on LinkedIn, the more it will understand your intent and provide more relevant results. The auto-complete feature also gets better at predicting what you want the more you use it. Suggested searches work as users type in, “product manager” for instance, showing example queries for people, jobs or companies relating to “product manger”, or whatever the search is for.

linkedin's auto-complete feature

Advanced search also got an overhaul with it’s interface, as well as the addition of adding filters like location, company, school, and more in order to better refine results. Automated alerts can also be set-up by users so that they are notified any time the results of ‘saved searches’ change.

You can read the blog post from LinkedIn here.

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