MuckerLab’s Winter 2013 Demo Day Showcases 10 LA Startups

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MuckerLab, the LA based startup accelerator program announced the details of their annual demo day this morning, which will be held this afternoon in Santa Monica. The event will feature 10 LA startups who have successfully completed the 3-month MuckerLab Winter program, which includes funding, office space, collaboration, and access to an experienced network or mentors, investors, executives and other entrepreneurs.

muckerlab 2013 demo dayThis will mark the second demo day put on by MuckerLab, the first of which was held last Spring and covered here . MuckerLab Co-Founder Erik Rannala said, “Our second Demo Day showcases an equally diverse set of businesses, including several that are driving the evolution of the online video space. Los Angeles continues to produce a large number of high-quality, disruptive startups, and is solidifying its position as one of the most active startup ecosystems in the world.”

So why is Los Angeles suddenly booming with startups? Contributing author David Hochman of Forbes offers 6 reasons ranging from investors, talent pool, famous faces and celebrity involvement, to the ability to be quick with your proof of concept. “Startup success is all about getting your big ideas seen, heard and into the right hands, and the Hollywood model does that better than virtually any other,” says Hochman. The faster you can figure out if your idea is going to resonate with the public, the faster you can scap it if it’s bad, or refine and scale it if it’s good – so the ability to do this quickly really helps startups in the LA area if you look at it that way.

The companies presenting their business at MuckerLab’s Winter Demo Day include:

  • The Black Tux – Re-inventing the customer experience in the $10 bil + tuxedo rental and sales industry.
  • Blayze – Video audience development platform that allows brands, YouTube channel owners, and media companies to buy & sell targeted new viewers.
  • Enventum – Enterprise event marketing and engagement platform that enables Fortune 1000 brands to better understand, market and engage with their audiences before, during and after events.
  • GetMeRated – Mobile app geared towards teens, twenty-somethings that allows people to make new friends via photos and chat.
  • MarkedUp – Analytics for desktop and enterprise app market
  • Panjo – A marketplace for auto, sport, and hobby enthusiasts
  • RocksBox – Discovery & sales channel for designer fashion jewelry and accessories.
  • Subblime – Lets influencers on YouTube monetize their audience with authentic product recommendations
  • TouchFrame – Partnering with top TV producers and YouTube channel owners, TouchFrame is powering, distributing, and monetizing interactive game shows as mobile apps.
  • Younity – Creators of a personal cloud service for all your files. Built using your actual devices and online services, so there is no ‘syncing’ required.


  1. MuckerLab’s Winter 2013 Demo Day Showcases 10 LA Startups

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