How to Scale Native Advertising Campaigns Across Mediums

Native Advertising May Have Solved it’s Scale Problem

Announced yesterday, ad tech startup Sharethrough told AdWeek that it has developed a new technology called Real Time Templating (RTT), “…that breaks down an ad into it’s individual parts and reconstructs it according to the environment it will run in.” Why is this important? Because it could fundamentally change the way native advertising is used by both advertisers and publishers alike. Publishers can benefit from an increase in ad dollars spent by new brands using native ads due to the new interoperability, and brands can spend more on a tactic that has proven to engage prospects more than traditional banner ads.

native ad study featured on forbes by sharethrough

The study covered by Forbes, done by Sharethrough and the IPG Media Lab found that consumers were 25% more likely to look at native ads than a banner. They also looked at native ads, or ads that resemble the content around them; like Twitter’s promoted Tweets or Facebook’s Sponsored Stories, Tumblr’s Radar spots or any number of other native ad formats, 53% more frequently.

“Native advertising version 1 was about how make it work. Native advertising version 2 is about how to make it scale,” said Sharethrough CEO Dan Greenberg.

But how does a company run consistent messaging across all these channels efficiently? Up until now, they had to run campaigns on each, hand crafting the copy and layout based on each specific publishers guidelines. The customization required to do this, “…has hampered the adoption of native ads” according to the AdWeek article yesterday.

Another trend in advertising that could be solved by new technology is that of social discovery and finding ways for advertisers to reach consumers in new ways through new channels. Much like native advertising provides branded messaging in a form native to the specific publication, new technology from company VigLink uses messaging native to specific platforms to allow publishers to earn revenue through what appear to be normal links (not affiliate links) posted by individuals or publishers.

The links appear as any other link notes Lindsay Riddell of the San Francisco Business Times, and get embedded automatically, “…on tens of thousands of digital publications including blogs and other media and social websites that pay a kickback to the writer or publisher anytime a reader clicks a link and purchases a product from a retail partner.”

viglink how it works

Currently the company has over 30,000 merchants to choose from, and the service works for those with Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress or TypePad blogs in addition to custom integrations.

VigLink advertisers can choose what publishers or individuals they want to work with. And once set-up, a photography blog that mentions the Nikon D7000, for instance (which they would probably link to anyway), can now earn money if any of their readers click the link and end up buying the camera. And the links don’t have to be configured each time like many affiliate links do, and get inserted automatically based on the text of the messaging connected to the VigLink platform.

For more information on Sharethrough you can visit them at, and for more information about VigLinks you can visit

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  1. How to Scale Native Advertising Campaigns Across Mediums

  2. Native Advertising May Have Solved its Scale Problem via @simonsearch

  3. Native Advertising May Have Solved its Scale Problem via @simonsearch

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