NuffnangX Launches Mobile Friendly Blog Reader

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NuffnangX just announced the release of a mobile friendly blog reader designed for increased interaction, content consumption and discovery. The San Francisco based App developer is trying to increase interaction on blogs by breaking content into bite-sized pieces designed to read better on mobile devices. It was uncovered, in their own research, that only about, “1% of of all blog readers come through the mobile phone, compared to 50 percent on Twitter and Facebook visitors” according to co-founder Timothy Tiah.

Using a proprietary algorithm, the app pulls a single sentence that represents the gist of the rest of the piece, and presents this to readers to either read more or continue scrolling. And you can scroll through the most recent blogs that you follow or discover new content via a recommendation feature. The ratings and recommendations allows users to critique blogs and also build unique topical lists of favorite content.

Another interesting feature is the ability to directly interact with blog contributors via messages on mobile devices. This feature is available only to blog authors that opt to ‘claim’ their site, and register a mobile device to receive messages on. The feature lets authors build deeper relationships with their readers, building rapport and offers more points of interaction for both readers and content creators alike.

According to Tiah, “During beta testing of our app we saw an average time of usage per session to be 24 minutes, a considerable amount of time that showed our beta users were finding and reading quality blogs.”

The app is free and available on iTunes or Google Play


  1. NuffnangX Launches Mobile Friendly Blog Reader

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