Getting Personal: How Google, Bing Personalize with Social

The panel included Jack Menzel (@jackm), Search Product Management Director for Google and Rangan Majumder (@rangthang), Principal Group Program Manager, Bing.

The takeaway for me from the standpoint of Bing, because it is more straightforward is that you should keep an eye on how they use social signals, particularly Twitter going forward.  He mentioned several times about your twitter follower profile (#botornot) affecting your authority and how Bing values the influence of your social signals.  He also mentioned several times about the  quality of links in tweets and facebook posts in particular, not sure why, but i’m assuming it’s important because he made sure to remind us several times.  Rangan also visually displayed the natural sharing tendencies of social networks, had a nice graph i wish i had, of a natural network vs. a spammy network of social influence.  He pretty much put everyone on notice that if you try and game the social signals, it will work against you, like most good content, it should be shared naturally and not artificially through unscrupulous methods.

You should also check out Bing Linked Pages facebook integration and find out how you can leverage your social network to personalized search results including you and your company and other external sites.  The formula quoted by Rangan was:

Ranking of Document = authority + keyword match quality + personal preference + social preference

This allows you to add a social layer to search results, allowing individuals to curate their own results, as well as “decorate” the results of others.  Read more about Bing’s Linked Pages here.

From Google, the takeaway was simply to get your site mobile compatible.  I later realized that according to some research done and I have embedded below, mobile is growing at a healthy clip, and surprisingly not at the expense of desktop search.  This means they can capitalize on mobile without cannibalizing their existing advertising from desktop devices.  This could be a huge revenue stream if sites would just get their sites to show up on mobile devices says Jack.

In fact “home” was one of the top destinations identified as places people are using their mobile devices.  This coupled with the fact that only around 34% of websites are mobile optimized and mobile user demographics make them a valuable target for marketers, it’s no wonder Mr. Menzel was urging SEO’s in the room to get their sites to just “display” on mobile devices.  Around 95% of users look for local content on their mobile devices.  You can also consider that advertising dollars follow consumers across platforms and Google seems to be currently betting on the growth of mobile to drive ad revenue going forward.  Local, mobile all revolve around users being able to view websites properly on mobile devices and find what they are looking for so they can take all those actions mobile users are known for.  87% of US smartphone users take some sort of action after looking up local content.  Will marketers get the message?  Time will tell, but for now there are several resources to make sites “mobile” here.

Global Insights on SmartPhone Users & Mobile Marketers:

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