Sleep Science from Sleep Genius Integrates with Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch

sleep genius smartwatch image2 blackAccording to Citrix’s latest report on the state of the mobile industry, fitness and health tracking devices are driving demand for wearable tech. It also shows that health and fitness apps are the fastest growing app category, along with gaming apps and social media apps. This growth in health and fitness apps could be due to estimates that 1 in 4 adults now live with some sort of sleep disorder, or that millions are suffering from high blood pressure, high caloric diets and little exercise that is affecting the health and wellness of millions. Or it could be due to the fact the Center for Disease Control (CDC) calls insufficient sleep a “public health epidemic”.

cdc sleep epidemic imagePerhaps this increased consumer demand is behind Samsung’s announcement earlier this week when it gave some insight on some of the new features that will ship along with it’s Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch in April. Sleep Genius, the company who has partnered with Samsung on the app, is fresh off helping NASA research how astronauts get to sleep in space, and many neuroscientists have called it’s technology, “…the most effective all-natural sleep solution ever devised.” If it can help astronauts perform better in space, than surely it can help the average professional increase their efficiency at work due to increased and healthier sleep patterns, and also lower blood pressure, stress and focus.

1 in 4 Adults Are Now Living With Some Sort of Sleep Disorder ~Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Mobile Marketing Watch called the new Samsung/Sleep Genius announcement a “game-changer in the product category” in an article Monday. This likely comes from the capabilities of the Sleep Genius app, which in addition to monitoring everything from calorie intake, fitness activity, sleep activity and patterns to blood pressure, also helps treat the underlying symptoms and problems to help give consumers a better nights sleep through safe and effective technology. This could translate in to increased productivity, less stress, feeling better and experiencing less ‘sick’ days at work due to a decrease in health problems associated with unhealthy sleep patterns.

Sleep Genius works to awaken people using what they are calling the Revive Cycle Alarm, which gradually awakens users and leaves them feeling refreshed from any stage of sleep. “Integrating Sleep Genius into the new Samsung Gear 2 not only raises the bar for wearable tech, it also reflects the company’s commitment to giving consumers what they truly need – a better night’s sleep through safe and effective technology that only Sleep Genius can deliver,” says Colin House, CEO of Sleep Genius.

To learn more about the Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch, due to release in April click here.

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