SaneBox for Teams Streamlines Your Enterprise Inbox

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Boston based SaneBox, the company that provides smart email filtering services for individuals, announced SaneBox for Teams to allow business to also take advantage of it’s smart email filtering program to help boost productivity. According to a study by McKinsey Global Institute, an average employee spends about 13 hours a week reading and responding to email. SaneBox claims that it’s email filtering service can save the average worker 100 hours/year.

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SaneBox is compatible with virtually every email provider, including Exchange and Google Apps and takes advantage of smart filters, whose algorithm learns over time, which messages are important, and which ones aren’t and sorts them accordingly. You can also get a snapshot view of all your mail to see how things are being sorted, and when you take action on a message by moving it, for instance, the algorithm will note this and route subsequent messages from the sender with the same behavior. So the more you use it, the better it gets at figuring out how you actually use your email, and adjusts accordingly. This is what can save time, but only if the filters being created and used are in line with how you actually use your email.

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It’s estimated that only around 40% of peoples inbox contain relevant emails that need to be dealt with right away. Not to say that the others aren’t important, but they can maybe wait to be processed later in bulk. Then there is the percentage that you just don’t ever and should be deleted right away. Addressing the last point, SaneBox provides a SaneBlackHole function, which allows users to zap email from unwanted senders forever with a single click.

Other enterprise level features include integration, which makes all CRM contacts a top priority, routing messages directly to the inbox, as well as dropbox support, allowing users to save attachments to the cloud, saving space and making sharing, collaborating and accessing easier. There is also ‘bank-level’ security, and nothing to install, which should help adoption by IT managers. There is also the ability to create custom rules and other admin tools included with enterprise use in mind.

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“Managers who are looking for a cost-effective way to improve productivity and focus should take a look at SaneBox right now,” said SaneBox VP of Growth Dmitri Leonov. “Thanks to individual users who have discovered it on their own, SaneBox is already making teams happier and more productive worldwide. We’re all for more happiness and sanity in the workplace, so we’ve rolled out new capabilities Teams product to make SaneBox even more enterprise friendly.”

Individuals can try SaneBox free for two weeks, at which point pricing starts at $2.04/month. SaneBox for Teams comes in two packages, $10/month and $25/month, with differences being the number of attachments and additional features.

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