Debut of Smart Sites Gives Marketers New Options for Quick Mobile Responsive, Feature Rich Site Deployments

Not quite a landing page or a traditional website, digital-telepathy’s new Impress Smart Sites were launched yesterday to meet companies’ branding and performance objectives, and create a new category of website that blends elements from mobile rich experiences like Nest or Square, and serve the needs of companies running paid search campaigns for a branded experience that also delivers performance.

Microsofts ‘Scroogled’ Ad Campaign will Continue

“Scroogled will go on as long as Google keeps Scroogling people.” The statement continues, stating Weitz’s comments are not true and that we should, “stay tuned for the next chapter.” This is at least good news for the conversation around privacy, because inevitably any time the campaign is talked about the issue of what both companies are doing comes up, not just what Google is doing with Gmail.

How Google Will Remember Top Olympic Athletes (INFOGRAPHIC)

Originally published as How Google Will Remember This Years Top Olympic Athletes on Technorati How will the world remember Michael Phelps, Gabby Douglas and Ryan Lochte as Olympic athletes? Only time will tell, but if you want a barometer of how they might be seen in the public eye, Google is a good place to start.  […]

Link Acquisition Strategies Presentation courtesy of SEOMOZ

Thanks for making the embed with scribd such a seamless process and an excellent set of SEO Tools.  If you haven’t seen or read the content coming from, you should head over there as soon as you get a chance and get yourself caught up.  Anyway, attribution link to Continue to the next […]

User-Generated Content Brings Customers In, Gives Them a Voice

The idea of giving the public free content via commercial radio and television has been central to the distribution of media for decades.  Consumers have willingly received content for free, because the content was paid for by the accompanying advertising.  When the Internet began to flourish a debate began about how content was being distributed […]