What You Should Know About Eye Tracking

This is one of the latest slides i could find on eye tracking studies, was looking for something with a bit more meat to it, but this will do. It does leave you with some questions, but that was the intention of Mr. Brignull. Be sure to check out the source here, or click through […]

Millions of Blogs Now in Real Time

If you haven’t heard already WordPress announced that all of their blogs now provide RSS Cloud support.  There is a plugin used for self hosted blogs.  Basically what this means is that there is no longer that slight delay in receiving messages. In an age where speed is sometimes more crucial than other factors, some […]

Google Domestic Trends Predicts Unemployment

According to a post by Google’s Chief Economist Hal Varian, Google Domestic Trends has been used to mimic variables such as initial claims of unemployment, among other things to predict short economic trends.  Given that one of the biggest leading indicators of economic activity is number of people who file for unemployment this could be […]

Walt Disney Buys Marvel for $4 Bil.

The deal announced this morning will bring characters like Iron Man and Spider Man in to the Disney family. 5,000 total Marvel characters will be acquired by Disney in the deal for $4 billion in cash and stock.  The deal still has to go through Marvel stockholders as well as antitrust review.  Marvel would receive […]

ComScore Reports Increase in Mobile Audience for Local Content

ComScore recently reported a 51% increase in the number of mobile users looking for local content.  ComScore is a leading measurement and digital intelligence company who stated in a June 9th release that online directories saw the most growth.  From March 2008 to March 2009 online directories  saw a 73% increase in use by on-the-go […]