One in Five Men Have Secret Email Accounts

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recent study and corresponding infographic put together by UK based Internet security company BullGuard revealed that one in five men have a secret email account. The reasons range from hiding finanical problems to corresponding with an ex or current lover who they don’t want their spouse or partner to know about. In addition to the roughly one-quarter of men who have secret email accounts, about 1 in 20 men also harbor a secret cellular phone for additional security.

one in five men have secret email accounts

When asked why, 1 in 10 men who have secret email accounts stated they “deliberately set up the account as they were having an affair or because they had financial problems they were keen to hide.” The things most men revealed they hide were either financial records or evidence of infidelity.  About 37% revealed they hide confirmation of purchases, and another 24% reveal they hide other details of money they spent. This is in addition to the 18% who admitted storing pictures of an ex lover or partner, and 32% who admitted to sending flirtatous messages.

Mike Hodges, COO at BullGuard said, “Of course there are legitimate security concerns that might involve someone setting up a second email address, or clearing browser history.”  He goes on to say, “Many people use a secondary email account when registering for casual activities such as hobbies and interests, with a primary email account used for more important tasks such as online banking and online shopping.”

While some of these legitimate concerns are certainly reasons for some men setting up a secondary email, it doesn’t dissuade women who know these statistics all too well from snooping around their partners cell phone text messages, email accounts or Facebook profiles. From the same study it revealed that 16% of women snoop on their partners computer or phone and another 14% snoop on their partners Facebook page.

So what are men doing to try and hide their possibly marriage ending secrets? And indeed these indiscretions, no matter how trivial they may sound now, really do devastate lives and ruin families. In fact, about 7% of men in the study confirmed being dumped or divorced due to something their spouse found on their computer or cell phone.

This, even as it was shown that about 66% of men don’t share their email or computer passwords with their significant other, 77% delete texts on their phone in case their partner might find them, and 18% delete photos, history or videos daily. Even taking these precautions, ancedotal evidence shows that no matter how slick you think you are, eventually you’ll be found out.

Just ask Mr. Petraeus, whose recent affair was learned about through, you guessed it, email correspondance according to the FBI.  So if the former Director of the CIA for the United States of America can’t keep his personal affairs hidden, what chance does the average American have?

And while this is by no means meant to be a guide or article giving ‘tips’ on cheating, there are some things we can learn about safeguarding electronic devices to protect them from strangers with malicious intent, not our own families and loved ones. “Going through someone’s phone is obviously a huge invasion of privacy, and is certainly something we can’t condone”, said Hodges. “With BullGuard Mobile Security you can lock and wipe your phone remotely to make sure no one can access your personal information, passwords and financial data.”

To access the entire study as well as the original source for the infographic click here.

1 in 5 men have secret email accounts infographic bullguard

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