ShoeDazzle Reaches 13 Million Members

shoedazzle logoThe Los Angeles based company originally operating on a subscription model, but since simply an e-commerce play, has grown their member base to 13 million members according to company statements yesterday.  The changes have paid off according to another article in Business Insider, with a million members added last month alone. The Kim Kardashian and Brian Lee company offers consumers the experience of personalized service of a high-end boutique at at accessible price point.  Launched in March of 2009, the company took 18 months to reach it’s first million members using it’s subscription model. Since ditching the subscription idea, it was able to reach a million new members in one month, what previously took 18 months at launch. 

ShoeDazzle e-commerce site

“While we built a sizable business in a very short amount of time serving customers through the subscription model, our research showed there was an enormous segment of women who

really wanted to buy from us, but not necessarily on a monthly basis. We’re looking to create a billion dollar company, and our recent results and acceleration validate that strategic choice,” said Bill Strauss, CEO of ShoeDazzle. “By listening to our clients, seeing how they shop, and extending our unique styling service to the rest of her outfit, we’ve seen our biggest month yet. We’ve led the category in awareness, social metrics and customer service performance for some time, and our new member growth supports that leadership position.”


ShoeDazzle is increasing it’s distance from competitors like Beachmint and JustFab, to name a couple, by offering it’s customers the unique advantage of being able to not only curate new fashion ideas, but discover them. This trend, which can arguably be tied back to the rise of visual bookmarking sites Pinterest, has been something that those in the e-commerce space have been particularly excited about. With the strength of the monthly numbers put out by ShoeDazzle, they should be on pace to be a formidable site where brands can help consumers discover their wares through social discovery.

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  1. ShoeDazzle Reaches 13 Million Members

  2. ShoeDazzle Reaches 13 Million Members

  3. Dazzle Diva says:

    Wow that’s pretty impressive for ShoeDazzle! I had no idea they were that big… I just recently found out about them after searching for some shoe club alternatives that don’t require a monthly fee. I researched about them alot and finally committed after reading a review here so I figured what the heck… I’ve actually been pretty impressed so far by the wide variety of different shoes and the quality of them. Hope they can keep it up as they continue to grow!

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