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One of the most important factors considered when Google indexes your sites web pages is the number & quality of the inbound links to you. Think of every inbound link as a “vote” for your site. All else being equal, the site with more “votes” will rank higher.

Google also takes into account the total number of links coming from that page as well as how specific it is to the content on your site. So, for example if you are a lawyer in San Diego, submitting to a directory of “cooking sites” would not be appropriate and would not be nearly as good as a link from a local San Diego directory with a Legal category. This is obvious, but some automated submission tools don’t take this into account but rather submit to the same places for every site.

Simon Search Marketing specializes in meticulous, thorough, ethical and targeted submissions to get you the quality inbound links you need, we even look at your competitors links and get you links from the same places, plus more!.

We know which directories matter and which ones are what Google considers “Link Farms”, sites that are specifically designed to aggregate mostly gambling, porn and other, spam sites, in the eyes of Google.

Let Simon Local Search Marketing handle all your submissions, if you haven’t done this yet, it is one of the most important steps in the SEO process and should be done by a professional who is familiar with submission guidelines, which categories to submit to for various industries and generally does a thorough, complete and documented job of this. While there are many automated programs out there, they can’t submit to the most important engines, or any engine that requires a captcha code (the little code that you put in to verify you are a human), which is important to keep in mind, these are the important ones, anyone can autosubmit using a program to the second and third tier directories & search engines, but not to directories and the important engines. So definetely keep this in mind next time you get an email saying something along the lines of, “we can automate submissions to over 10,000 directories and search engines for only $49.99, or whatever it is — it will do more harm than good”.

Take it from Matt Cutts, Longstanding Google Employee and member of their webspam team in the below video.