Google+ Guide Updated Continuously

The publication Mashable put out an Excellent guide on Google+ that is updated continuously as new topics are covered. A good place to discuss some of the pros and cons of the service with peers. For me the one thing that stands out with Google+ is the ability to really use the circles as filters […]

Facebook, Twitter Signals Google Uses for Organic Search Placement

I found this presentation done by SEOMOZ very informative and thought I would reproduce it here. Credit to SEOMOZ, visit them at Ranking Factors Data 2011: SMX Elite Sydney View more presentations from Rand Fishkin Related Posts: Rand Fishkin Interview (SES London 2009) Interview with Rand Fishkin at SES London 2009…. SEOmoz Acquires Followerwonk […]

A Peek at Facebook Changes March 2011

The following is a slideshare presentation of the changes to Facebook in March 2011. Related Posts: Facebook, Twitter Signals Google Uses for Organic Search Placement I found this presentation done by SEOMOZ very informative and thought I would reproduce it… Best Facebook Posting Time, Frequency – Presentation A great slideshare deck from Dan Zarella on […]

LinkedIn 102, From Basic to Intermediate Tips

People are nice enough to create slideshows on various topics and post them for syndication.  This comes from a fellow LinkedIn member, Barbara Rozgonyi.  The slideshow is a great introduction to LinkedIn, goes in to the basics of how to use it, what it’s best at, and how to become an authority source for your […]

The New Social Browser You Haven’t Heard of

It sounds more like a sandwich you would get a deli in Philly than a browser, but nevertheless RockMelt has some pretty high profile names behind it.  Marc Andreessen, the founder of Netscape, which was eventually destroyed by IE and Microsoft.  But if you figure most of the content we come across and read comes […]

Will Facebook buy FourSquare, what about McDonalds?

So apparently Facebook will team up with Ronald Mcdonald and the rest of the Fry Guys to implement a Facebook app that allows users to “check in”. Not only does this sound like the first public announcement utilizing Facebook’s new Geolocation feature, but also like the opening volley shot over the bow of FourSquare, the […]

Fastest Way to Remove Your Info from Spokeo

Quick Guide on Removing Your Information from Spokeo Fastest way to remove your info from Spokeo Spokeo positions itself as a white pages, yellow pages search product.  But what it doesn’t tell you is that what it actually is which happens to be a clearinghouse for information put online by you. Regardless of whether the […]

Social Media: Your Online Chamber of Commerce

For decades, businesses and consumers have relied on the local chamber of commerce as a place to network for sharing ideas with other business owners, learning about new business strategies, and meeting potential customers.  Regular face-to-face interactions have always been the staple of chamber of commerce meetings, and they always will be.  But with today’s […]

Transparency and Social Media

Transparency in business has long been a staple of good customer service, engaging customers and reassuring them about the products and services they are paying for.  Now that companies are operating in a global economy, transparency is an even more valuable consideration for companies with an online presence.  One of the greatest marketing values of […]