SohoOS Debuts ‘Soho Shop’ App Marketplace

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SohoOS announced today the debut of Soho Shop, an online marketplace for third-party businesses to sell their services to SohoOS users. SohoOS, in case you aren’t familiar, is a virtual operating system for small office/home office (SOHO) that allows companies to use their free online system that consolidates all of their business tools in one place. Users can access the platform from a desktop or mobile/tablet device. With todays launch of the new ‘Soho Shop’, they now have an in-house marketplace that allows members, as well as external service providers to buy and sell subscription-based services that cover the gamut of small business tools, and are fully integrated with the member’s account.

The first products that will be made available via the Soho Shop include:

  • Personalized data backup
  • Leads widget to funnel ‘hot leads’ directly in to the user’s account
  • Document templates according to theme from legal to finance
  • Invoicing template themes to extend the free invoicing capability of SohoOS
  • myPage themes to give SohoOS pages a customized design layout

Currently supports nearly 850,000 micro-businesses worldwide. Users are typically entrepreneurs and small business owners taking advantage of the free platform for business operations and also connecting them to the other 850,000 members on the platform. Currently SohoOS offers solutions for contact management, invoices and billing, inventory management, freelance and vendor networking, project and document management.

According to an article in ReadWriteWeb, “SohoOS is more than just another software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup for small business.” This is perhaps due to’s lofty goals of not only providing SMB’s with free tools to manage their business, but to establish a new global micro-economy where growing businesses can interact, collaborate and perhaps even use the pooled purchasing power to compete with larger competitors economies of scale advantage.

“With hundreds of thousands of businesses under the umbrella, it’s important that each one receive the customized services it needs to thrive. Soho Shop gives our users that capability,” said Ron Daniel, CEO of “Whether you’re a florist shop needing a more tailored invoicing system, a fine artist looking for an easily accessible yet secure repository for images, or a realtor looking for a rich source of sales leads, Soho Shop will give you the tailored solution you’re looking for.”

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  1. SohoOS Debuts ‘Soho Shop’ App Marketplace

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