Shockwave Flash Crashing Chrome? Fix Chrome Shockwave Plugin Instructions

Shockwave Flash Crash?

Chrome Crashing Shockwave Flash?

Chrome crashing Shockwave Flash Constantly? Crashing on YouTube? Step-by-step instructions on how to fix the problem.

There are probably quite a few posts out there on fixing chrome so it doesn’t continually crash due to shockwave flash issues, particularly while using YouTube, Vimeo (or other video site), but wanted this to be as simple as possible. So if you enjoy using Chrome’s browser, like watching YouTube videos but don’t enjoy the constant crashes, mainly because of the Shockwave Flash Plugin becoming unresponsive, then subsequently crashing this will most likely fix your problem and read on.  That said, i am not a programmer, can’t explain the why, but if you had the same problem as me this will give you a way to fix it.

After a few minutes of nothing happening, frustration sets in, the browser wont stop even when you pull up task manager, then after a while, you get a notification – something along the lines of, “Adobe Shockwave has stopped responding, do you wish to end the process?”

This happens quite a bit when on YouTube, so initially thought it might be a problem on their end, but it’s not. Going back to the ending the Adobe Shockwave process, well yea, if that will take me out of this seeming infinite loop of nothing happening staring at my screen like an idiot, then yea, go ahead Chrome, end the madness.

Then you most likely get a message like this:

Chrome Crashing Shockwave Flash Unresponsive

Well duh, i just said end the process right? This sucks because from here out you’re without flash, this might work to get some basic stuff done, but by no means a solution, especially if you’re watching videos or other interactive content.

How to get to chrome plugins pageTo provide a more comprehensive solution, simply pull up your plugins screen by typing “chrome:plugins” in the URL bar. Don’t go to the chrome extension settings via the menu, there not there, just type in chrome://plugins” and a screen will come up with all the plugins you have installed (see image below).

And when you’re typing this in, and this is important, don’t use the auto-complete feature, type the entire string in there, if you use the drop down with auto-complete it will simply go ahead and assume you want to search for “chrome://plugins” on Google, which you don’t, you want to actually fix it. People have commented that “it just goes to Google search”, if this happens it’s most likely because you used auto-complete.

Next and this is also important, you have to click on ‘+details’ at the top right, or make sure details are expanded in order to disable and view the files associated with the plugins, this is important because you  will need to disable some.

From there scroll down to Shockwave Flash, you most likely have 2 or 3 files in there, this is what is causing the problem, not sure why but i think there’s only supposed to be one, and maybe it gets confused and then just crashes, who knows. I actually had 3 files in there. But whats important to know is these are all the same thing most likely, just different paths to the same program.

You need to disable all but one of these shockwave flash files, and from the comments and feedback from users you should disable the pepperflash one, or the one in the Chrome folder and keep the one in the macromedia folder enabled.  I had tried doing this the other way, disabling all but the one in the Chrome folder and it worked fine that way too for me, but many others have said to keep the one in the macromedia folder, disable all others.

Also, for the record, Chrome & Adobe recommend that you keep the one in the chrome folder.

If you’re trying to do a complete registry clean as well as optimize the performance of your PC in general you can purchase something like Registry Easy (affiliate link) which will help optimize the overall performance of your PC, but has no impact on this specific flash/chrome issue.


So before navigating away make sure there is only one version of Shockwave Flash enabled in there.  This should fix your problem. If you only have one file in there, maybe try updating your shockwave, i really don’t know what to do there. Also, if this doesn’t work and you are sure you disabled all but one of the instances of Shockwave flash, again, not sure what you can do from there.  This worked on all the chrome browsers at work, home and on my laptop though, all which were having the same problem.

Not sure why this wasn’t fixed with a chrome update, but this is most likely the solution to the problem of chrome crashing due to Shockwave flash becoming unresponsive. I actually have to reset and disable the plugins every now and again as they by default, maybe get reset. You could probably delete some of these files also so there is only one instance of shockwave flash on your computer, i haven’t tried that yet to see if that works though.


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  2. @Alex_anger Chrome Twitter crash, right? Try/check this?

  3. Stop #Chrome From Crashing because of #flash plugin: via @geoff_simon

  4. this is supposed to be the best, then how come every time I try to do something on my computer it stops
    me from using it and it crashes. Now the past two times I have tried to get off my computer and can not do it stops me from shutting down. How do I take it off my computer.

  5. I HATE google chrome…..never ever has my computer crashed at all until chrome was downloaded….I was told it was the VERY BEST. NOT!!!!!!! I can’t do anything on my computer now without it crashing…..I wish I had never had chrome installed….it’s horrible and I hate it. I’ve tried ALL YOUR FIXES…NONE of them work. Chrome should be taken off the market…it’s nothing but a headache!!!

  6. How do I uninstall chrome? What can I use to take it’s place….I mean something that REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!

    • I to tried all of the “solutions” to the shockwave crash. It became so constant that I couldn’t stand to even look at the computer anymore. Then I unistalled Chrome and installed Foxfire. This browser works really well. Give it a try.

  7. Thank you very much for posting this.
    After weeks of trying to fix the problem I had just about given up, but I took one last chance when I came across your “fix”. Of course I did disable the wrong one but after a ton of OT I just went to bed.
    Last night I tried for the last time. Disabled the other one and now (yes I do still have the problem at times, but these items were a problem before I installed Chrome so I was expecting this) I find this has also fixed the choppy playback on YouTube I was having in full screen mode.
    Thank you very much

    Disabled the other one and now (yes I do still have the problem but this items were a problem before I installed Crome

  8. “Good”, I thought, then typed in “chrome:plugins” on my URL bar, and simply got the results of a Google search. I think this would be called falling even before the first hurdle. Any suggestions?

  9. Donncadh – try using “chrome://plugins/” instead of “chrome:plugins” in the url bar, sorry about that, thanks for the comment though, i will update the page because it does say “chrome:plugins” which used to work, but sounds like maybe not always anymore. You know this is the most viewed page on my site, this accounts for more than half my traffic, people trying to fix chrome, it’s pretty bad that isn’t hasn’t been fixed with a patch or update.

    • Geoff, I used the “chrome://plugins/” address you advised, found three files, two of them in the Chrome folder. I disabled the outside one, and the Chrome one followed by “Pepperflash” in the address chain, because that sounded a bit trivial. Let’s see what happens. Anyway, it’s nice not to be left alone with those constant crashes. I’ll be back with a report after a while. Meanwhile, if ever I need web marketing….

      • Geoff, this morning, after another crash, I again went into the plugins, found two Shockwave flash enabled of three, disabled one (is it possible to remove them?), and scrolled down. I find that I have two Java and 7 Quicktime files, all enabled. Have you any advice on these? They may be a completely different problem, or not a problem at all.

      • I assume you could delete the files, but i haven’t tried this. You should have the flash player that is in the Chrome folder active, as the one enabled. You probably have two in there, the pepperflash, and the other file, most likely “…Local\Google\Chrome\Application\21.0.1180.89\gcswf32.dll” – This second one is the one to use i believe. Have the other 2 disabled, if you do delete them let me know how it works ; ). I wouldn’t worry about the quicktime and java files, i have these too all enabled and don’t run into problems from these so figure it’s best not to mess with them.

      • I am happy with your “disable” remedy, and reassured about the multiple Java/Quicktime files. I had already chosen “Pepperflash” for disablement, because I wondered if I needed such a trivial-sounding file!
        I have gathered elsewhere that it is possible to delete a plugin file by searching for its address on the computer, and deleting it. For the moment, I’ll keep that as an extreme option. Has anyone else tried it?

    • Geoff, I decided anyway to look for the Shockwave Flash file that was not in the Chrome dossier, and delete it. It turns out to be a system file, not to be deleted. So that permanent solution is ruled out. I tried the Pepperflash file. It cannot be deleted, I am told, perhaps because Chrome is open. I’ll try it the next time I am off-line.

    • I have had the same problems with Shockwave Flash and when looikng at some forums ever body was saying that the problem started when they downloaded Adobe 9, when I thought about it I had done the same about a week ago and thats when the problem started. So I looked to see if there was Adobe 10 download there was and since I downloaded it the problem has stopped (so far) so it maybe worth trying.

  10. Thank you for the posted info, it help me a lot! with the issue of pages failing to load in chrome….and did not know why this problem was occurring in a healthy system until few weeks ago….Chrome developers should have seen this problem coming before putting us with the new browser update!!!!!! I spent manyyyyyy hours researching this problem……I am very dissapointed, IE could have done better…
    Your info worked out well! thanks again =)

  11. @geoff_simon Thank you! Stop Chrome From Crashing – Shockwave Flash Plugin Crashed

  12. Check this out!! Download the critical update. It linked me right to it from the chrome://plugins/

    Shockwave – Version: 11.6.1r629 Download Critical Security Update
    Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version
    Name: Shockwave for Director
    Description: Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version
    Version: 11.6.1r629
    Location: C:\Windows\system32\Adobe\Director\np32dsw.dll
    Type: NPAPI
    MIME types:
    MIME type Description File extensions
    application/x-director Shockwave Movie
    .dir .dxr .dcr

    • Couldn’t find it among plugins, Stephanie, where do you locate it?
      After two years’ satisfaction, but now two months trying to keep my Internet connections going in the face of Shockwave Flash crashing, I am thinking of moving back to Firefox. Any opinions about this?

  13. Stop Chrome From Crashing – Shockwave Flash Plugin Crashed via @geoff_simon

  14. I want to say thank you for your help this seems to be working much better than before. I’m still having a little issue but it is no where like before. Again I thank you

  15. @GEOFF_SIMON Stop Chrome From Crashing – Shockwave Plugin Crashes Saved my computer from being chucked out the window

  16. thanks…this was really helpful..!! Appreciate!

  17. I have tried doing this several times, however the crashes still occur. There were initially three plugins, now only two. Tried disabling one or the other, no difference. I am also getting an Unknown PlugIn Unresponsive message. Is there a difference for NPAPI and PAPI types, and are either of these indicative of which should be disabled?

    • I also found disabling the superfluous Shockwaves, using Geoff’s method, effective for a while. But now, although I have only two such files, one of them already disabled when I looked, Shockwave Flash keeps crashing. What change has occurred?

      • The Google one is the one you should disable, and the external one (directly from Adobe) is the one you should keep.
        Disable this one:
        C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\22.0.1229.94\PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll

        Keep this one:

        This will help. Chrome imbedded a version of Flash, and it will conflict with the Adobe version, and will cause the plugin to crash. Once you disable the internal one, crashes (caused by this) will stop.

      • Makes no difference which one is disabled, the crashing continues unabated.

      • Nothing suggested stops the crashes, Gregg. I tried disabling one, then the other (I used to have three!). Currently I have disabled both Shockwave Flashes, and this seems to be working. The only effect I see is that certain advertisements fail to run, showing the jigsaw piece, but that is rather a benefit than a problem.

    • No, my idea didn’t work, so I re-enabled one Shockwave Flash, at random, for there seem to be two schools of thought on this thread, one advising disablement of Macromedia, the other of Chrome. But I’ll abandon Chrome after posting this. I have another computer that runs like a lamb with Firefox, and I’ll go back to that on this one too. If ever a solution to the Shockwave Flash problem is found, let me know over on Firefox.

  18. you rock thanks. x

  19. Thank you so much for this solution, I can finally use flash without my pc acting like its been filled with mud.

  20. THANK YOU.

  21. rebecca smith says:

    I tried that, doesn’t stop the crashes. You suggested using the chrome one – I tried that. Another comment says use the SYSWOW one, which is identical to the 2nd shockwave I have but regardless of which is enabled it still crashes.

    I am going to delete the pepperflash from my harddrive and see if that stops the crashing

  22. @stephanieschopp I had some luck on another PC with this trick:

  23. Mikepotts64 says:

    Thanks for this pointer.
    The chrome folder plugin was creating the issue for me. I had to leave a macromedia one enabled for chrome to work.

    • Thanks for that Mikepotts, you’re the second person who said that disabling the on in the Chrome folder has worked vs. disabling the actual Macromedia one.

      • About thirty seconds ago I followed this advice: disable the Chrome one, keep the Macromedia. About twenty seconds ago, Shockwave crashed. The advice here seems to ping-pong between two bits of advice, neither of which works. Anyone, I mean anyone, have a different suggestion? Mine is to go back to Firefox, but I keep trying Chrome.

  24. Jane Pornpimol says:

    Thank you very much. I could fix it from your recommendations.

  25. @SrShare หรือไม่ก็ลองทำตามวิธีนี้ดูนะคะ chrome://plugins

  26. Doesn’t work for me, i checked there’s only one version of flassh installed, it still crashes down x-(

    • Prashant, sorry to hear that, does flash work in chrome for you when it’s not crashing? What version is installed? maybe you can try installing the other version, disabling the one thats active now and see if that helps, the only thing i can think of. Really don’t know like i said, why Chrome just doesn’t fix it within the browser, why it’s such an enormous unresolved issue.

  27. I had this problem today and I fixed it by updating my graphics card drivers. Now it works like a charm 🙂

  28. Stop Shockwave Flash Crashing in Chrome via @geoff_simon

  29. Thanks for the post geoff,
    It didn’t fix my issue directly but it sent me in the right direction. I only had 1 flash player, the chrome built in one. So I installed the generic (for other browsers) so that I now have 2 flash installs. Then I disabled the chrome plugin and hey presto it’s working again.
    This was also helpful to help understand the issue:

    • Thanks for that link Simon, does a nice job of explaining the issue. Now if it only worked as they described it….the macromedia folder will most likely have the most up to date flash player from what it sounds like, as Chrome takes a bit to integrate updates, i do notice the macromedia folder has a newer version of flash in there, 11.5 as opposed to 11.4 in the chrome folder, but that probably doesn’t really matter, and certainly would not cause crashing. I think the pepperflash one is def. the culprit, i know they say to use the one in the chrome folder…

  30. Si Flash Shockware et Google Chrome Crashent toutes les 30 seconces voici la solution #google #flash

  31. Thank you for this article on Chrome Shock wave crash..I disabled all plugins except the one in the macro media folder…My computer is back to awesomeness….Thanks again…Great Help tips..greatly appreciated..

  32. David Hawthorne says:

    thanks… your fix seems to be working for me…. thank you very mucho gracias. 🙂

  33. After checking “chrome:plugins” I was surprised to see I only had 1 version, which was the “Pepperflash” version. I googled “Update Shockplayer” & I found that Google knows about the problem, so they have created a fix! I followed the instructions & reinstalled Adobe Shockwave (, then I disabled the original “Pepperflash” version. BAM! Problem fixed! I hope this helps! :o)

  34. Elizabeth Cohee says:

    Thank you for this information, but I found my list of plug-ins and Shockwave Flash is not there. The only plug-ins vaguely related are a Chrome PDF Viewer and a Google Update. Now what?

    • Thanks Elizabeth. Usually when you download chrome, adobe flash is packaged in the chrome file folders with the name pepperflash. If you don’t see anything though, i would recommend trying to download flash directly from adobe, install it in the default location, restart your computer and then go back to chrome://plugins and see if you see it there. If you do, then you should only see that one file and not the internal chrome pepperflash file. If you do see the pepperflash file go ahead and disable it. I know adobe and chrome recommend using their internal version of flash (pepperflash), but when i do that it ends up crashing on me constantly, so i disable that one and use the version of flash that is in the adobe shockwave folder (which is the default location when you just download it from adobe).

      Also, maybe check if it’s under ‘shockwave flash’ instead of ‘flash’ if you didn’t already. I really hope that helps, it really is a pain to have an unresponsive browser that is always crashing.

      You can see more about what Adobe/Chrome has to say about it here:

  35. My Shockwave crashes continued in spite of all Simon’s and other people’s advice and suggestions. My son found out, sniffed at sucb fiddling around, and installed the extension “Flashblock”. When faced with a black screen, I enable Shockwave solely for that site and that visit by clicking on the bar icon. For the first time in weeks, Chrome has been crash-free ever since. Any comments on this approach?

  36. Thanks for the ways to a resolution but it did not fully work for me. After a month of hell, I finally found a working SOLUTION for me. It has to do with Plug-ins + extension. I explained it for friends here: No more crashes. Hope that works for you.

  37. Well, this doesn’t work because the pepperflash plugin is the only one there. To my lasting irritation, the links provided in the comments here all link back to this page, so thanks for nothing. I don’t mind a monopolised solution if it works.

  38. Every time I get ion facebook to play the games I get the plugins is unresponsive for unknown reason and would you like to stop it yes and No. I keep on saying No and it still acts non responsive and asking whether I want to stop it. I have the C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\25.0.1364.172\PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll
    Type: PPAPI (out-of-process) disabled at all times . Is there a way to keep it from being unresponsive on google Chrome . I think Google is underrtated and stinks

  39. God bless you uploader because of why, because you helping people. Thank you for this website and thank you for sharing.

  40. My browser crashed few days ago,How can i set it my android apps ?

  41. hi, someone can help me?????????????????????????????????????????
    you tube videos in my Google chrome don’t have any sound. I have one shokwave flash. I have flash player and flv player. My windows is 8 . I don’t know what problem have?
    please help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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