Google+ Page Management with Sprout Social

With the latest numbers from the GlobalWebIndex pointing to Google+ as the new #2 social network (and YouTube as #3 BTW) on the planet, it was just a matter of time before social media marketing platforms started taking note. Today, Sprout Social, who has an estimated 10,000+ customers according to the announcement earlier Tuesday, will now make Google+ Pages manageable through its engagement, publishing and analytics platform.

Microsofts ‘Scroogled’ Ad Campaign will Continue

“Scroogled will go on as long as Google keeps Scroogling people.” The statement continues, stating Weitz’s comments are not true and that we should, “stay tuned for the next chapter.” This is at least good news for the conversation around privacy, because inevitably any time the campaign is talked about the issue of what both companies are doing comes up, not just what Google is doing with Gmail.

Getting Personal: How Google, Bing Personalize with Social

The panel included Jack Menzel (@jackm), Search Product Management Director for Google and Rangan Majumder (@rangthang), Principal Group Program Manager, Bing. The takeaway for me from the standpoint of Bing, because it is more straightforward is that you should keep an eye on how they use social signals, particularly Twitter going forward.   Related Posts: […]

Bing to Incorporate Facebook Likes in Algo

In case you weren’t sure about the power of Social Media and Social Media Optimization, check out this video announcement from Bing.  It talks about the recent decision to incorporate Facebook “likes” in to it’s core search algorithm.  I realize this affects only a fraction of the search market, but if this trend is embraced […]