Larky Launches App to Capitalize on Membership Savings

180 million people are members of organizations like the AARP, USAA and AAA, and all of these places offer discounts to consumers, but most don’t take the time, or aren’t proactive in the process. Aiming to make this easier, Larky announced a free web-site and iPhone app today that delivers information about discounts and perks at the point at which you’re going to buy something already.

Mobile Coupons Let You ‘Extreme Coupon’ Without the Heavy Lifting

It makes sense, the easier it is to find, save and redeem a coupon, the more likely someone is to use it. And when you find a good deal, isn’t it natural to want to share that with others? This is what a new breed of companies are doing, focused on helping consumers get the value of coupons without all the heavy lifting you might see on a show like TLC’s Extreme Couponing.