Google+ Page Management with Sprout Social

With the latest numbers from the GlobalWebIndex pointing to Google+ as the new #2 social network (and YouTube as #3 BTW) on the planet, it was just a matter of time before social media marketing platforms started taking note. Today, Sprout Social, who has an estimated 10,000+ customers according to the announcement earlier Tuesday, will now make Google+ Pages manageable through its engagement, publishing and analytics platform.

Top Social Networks for Driving Offline Activities

Connecting the dots between online social interactions and offline activities has become an increasingly important metric, but also one that is probably the most difficult to actually measure. But that didn’t stop San Diego based ACTIVE Network (NYSE: ACTV) from trying. The company, who helps businesses and organizations get participants, manage events and build communities released the findings of their ‘Beyond the Click’ survey which looked at the top 5 social networks and the role they play in driving offline activities.

Redpepper’s Facedeals Automates ‘Check-ins’ via Facial Recognition

Developed by ad agency Redpepper, the companies custom-developed cameras operate within a retail store environment to recognize customers using facial recognition. Users would first have to download an app that authorizes what the agency is calling Facedeals, to verify the individuals most recent photo tags to map the features of the face. Related Posts: How […]

Best Facebook Posting Time, Frequency – Presentation

A great slideshare deck from Dan Zarella on the science of Facebook.  Great insights using actual statistical and empirical data to reveal answers to advertisers and marketers biggest questions about Facebook.  Get answers to things like what is the average life span of a Facebook post, what affects this?  How can I take advantage of […]

Social Media Profiles: Blurring the Lines Between Personal & Professional

This article was posted first on Technorati as: Social Media Profiles: Blurring the Lines Between Personal & Professional Not too long ago it was easy to keep your private life separate from your professional life, but advances in technologies are making this increasingly difficult. Advances in networking, social media in particular, makes blurring these lines […]

Optimize the Title Tag of your Companies Facebook Page

Simon Search Marketing – Business Consultant – Woodland Hills, CA | Facebook – This is the title of the Facebook page for Simon Search Marketing as say, Googlebot would see it.  Now the elements come from 3 different fields on the “Edit Information” tab within Facebook.  Specifically the “basic information” sections “Company Name”, “Places Sub-Category” […]

Will Facebook buy FourSquare, what about McDonalds?

So apparently Facebook will team up with Ronald Mcdonald and the rest of the Fry Guys to implement a Facebook app that allows users to “check in”. Not only does this sound like the first public announcement utilizing Facebook’s new Geolocation feature, but also like the opening volley shot over the bow of FourSquare, the […]

Fastest Way to Remove Your Info from Spokeo

Quick Guide on Removing Your Information from Spokeo Fastest way to remove your info from Spokeo Spokeo positions itself as a white pages, yellow pages search product.  But what it doesn’t tell you is that what it actually is which happens to be a clearinghouse for information put online by you. Regardless of whether the […]

Social Media: Your Online Chamber of Commerce

For decades, businesses and consumers have relied on the local chamber of commerce as a place to network for sharing ideas with other business owners, learning about new business strategies, and meeting potential customers.  Regular face-to-face interactions have always been the staple of chamber of commerce meetings, and they always will be.  But with today’s […]