Foursquare Raises $41 mil. via Debt Prior to Big Summer Ad Push

This financing structure, which doesn’t require Foursquare to increase the equity portion of it’s balance sheet prompting more valuation questions, gives the company more time to fully realize the potential of it’s widely popular location-based recommendation and check-in app.

FourSquare Now Allows Business Owners to Add Their Own Events

Business owners can now add own events to FourSquare venue pages. The feature used to only allow for events through partners to be added, but now all businesses can take advantage of this powerful new local marketing feature.

How Foursquare Re-invented Explore, Local Search Open to Everyone

Originally Published as Foursquare Explore Local Search Open for Everyone on Technorati Social Media Foursquare announced earlier this week that they will be opening up their local search product to everyone, without any need to sign-up or “check-in”.  With the enormous amount of information from it’s 25,000,000 members, who have combined to leave around 30 million ‘tips’ […]

Will Facebook buy FourSquare, what about McDonalds?

So apparently Facebook will team up with Ronald Mcdonald and the rest of the Fry Guys to implement a Facebook app that allows users to “check in”. Not only does this sound like the first public announcement utilizing Facebook’s new Geolocation feature, but also like the opening volley shot over the bow of FourSquare, the […]