Continual Changes at Google – Places, Instant, now Site Preview

Who said Google was stagnant and Bing was the company re-inventing the way people search?  I’m not sure that anyone did, but if they were to have said something like that, or that thought maybe crossed your mind, then you are looking around confused right about now.  I mean for the one product Google has […]

Local Search Ranking Factors Continued (Part 2 of 3)

We left off last time with a video, and in case you did not get a chance to see the video, which was subsequently posted later (sorry), or missed the post all together, you can find part 1 of 3 on Local Search Ranking Factors Here. I also believe we got through about 5 of […]

Quick Guide to Local Search on Google, Yahoo

The Internet has opened the door to a huge global audience for any organization advertising products or services.  But what if your target audience is a local one?  Two of the most popular Internet search engines have developed tools that give online visitors the ability to perform local searches, so they can find exactly what […]