Taking the Middleman out of Mobile Publishing

MediaWire Mobile allows print publishers to publish digital editions to both Apple and Android OS’s using a single file, a PDF for example, and also comes with social login features, mobile analytics and reader registration data insights.

Appreciate Launches Personalized App Recommendations for Android

Appreciate announced Thursday the release of a personalized service designed to create a customized app discovery experience on Androids marketplace, Google Play. Appreciate hopes to nail app discovery by not only personalizing recommendations based on what’s popular across the network, but also what’s popular with the users’ friends using social network activity, big app data analytics and complex algorithms designed to produce a fresh feed of recommendations for users.

Free Boingo Wifi Sponsored by Google Play

Users in hundreds of cities across the U.S. will have access to 4,000 free Boingo wireless hotspots compliments of Google Play through the end of September according to an announcement this morning. ┬áThe free wireless service is part of a promotion offered through Cloud Nine Media platform, which was recently acquired by Boingo. ┬áThe platform […]