Google+ Goes to Work, Launches New Business Tools & Features

Originally published as Google+ Goes to Work, Launches New Features Designed for Business Use on Technorati Social Media After a few months of private beta testing with select pilot companies, Google announced yesterday the launch of new Google+ business features and tools designed to capitalize on a trend the company is calling, “going Google”.  What is “going […]

Google Plus Adds Brand Pages, Struggles With Engagement

Originally published as Google Plus Grows Brand Presence, Struggles With Engagement on Technorati According to a new SocialShare report from BrightEdge, Google’s social network, Google+ continues to increase brand presence.  Some of the lastest gold label brands to join in the past two months include Visa, Wells Fargo and fashion design company Hermes. Although the network has […]

Google + Local Pages Emerge, Zagat Powered, Maps Integrated

Today Google took another step in integrating the social layer and destination, Google +, into the many other products and services from Google people use every day, announcing Google + Local Pages. The acquisition of Zagat also surfaced and found a home powering Google + Local Page reviews with their 30 point rating system. No […]