Best of Citysearch 2012 Polls Open

The West Hollywood, CA. online local guide website, Citysearch, which is also a property of CityGrid® Media, which is operated by IAC announced that the polls for it’s “Best of Citysearch 2012” are officially open.  Categories are based on it’s top 10 cities nationwide, and users are encouraged to cast  their votes for the best shopping […]

How Foursquare Re-invented Explore, Local Search Open to Everyone

Originally Published as Foursquare Explore Local Search Open for Everyone on Technorati Social Media Foursquare announced earlier this week that they will be opening up their local search product to everyone, without any need to sign-up or “check-in”.  With the enormous amount of information from it’s 25,000,000 members, who have combined to leave around 30 million ‘tips’ […]

Google + Local Pages Emerge, Zagat Powered, Maps Integrated

Today Google took another step in integrating the social layer and destination, Google +, into the many other products and services from Google people use every day, announcing Google + Local Pages. The acquisition of Zagat also surfaced and found a home powering Google + Local Page reviews with their 30 point rating system. No […]

Loku Hyper-localizes Local Search, Launches Mobile App

Originally published as: Loku Hyper-localizes Local Search, Launches Mobile App on Technorati With all the progress Google has made recently with local and mobile search, and their enormous search-market share, it’s curious how a new local search player could add any value beyond whats already there. For consumers though, this trend of localization in search, is something […]

Local Search Marketing Checklist: Directories

Need more exposure for your local business site? Find the most relevant category for your business and be sure you’re thorough with submissions to sites on this list. Links have long been a way for search providers such as Google to find out what your page is about and also how popular and relevant your […]

Local Search Ranking Factors Continued (Part 2 of 3)

We left off last time with a video, and in case you did not get a chance to see the video, which was subsequently posted later (sorry), or missed the post all together, you can find part 1 of 3 on Local Search Ranking Factors Here. I also believe we got through about 5 of […]

Local Search Ranking Factors (Part 1 of 3)

There are many factors that go in to Google’s algorithm and how they determine what company listings/websites/profiles are relevant for what searches, locations and other demographic and psycho-graphic data that they have on you based on search history, domain registry information and much, much more that you would never think of, but whose job it […]

ComScore Reports Increase in Mobile Audience for Local Content

ComScore recently reported a 51% increase in the number of mobile users looking for local content.  ComScore is a leading measurement and digital intelligence company who stated in a June 9th release that online directories saw the most growth.  From March 2008 to March 2009 online directories  saw a 73% increase in use by on-the-go […]

User-Generated Content Brings Customers In, Gives Them a Voice

The idea of giving the public free content via commercial radio and television has been central to the distribution of media for decades.  Consumers have willingly received content for free, because the content was paid for by the accompanying advertising.  When the Internet began to flourish a debate began about how content was being distributed […]

Quick Guide to Local Search on Google, Yahoo

The Internet has opened the door to a huge global audience for any organization advertising products or services.  But what if your target audience is a local one?  Two of the most popular Internet search engines have developed tools that give online visitors the ability to perform local searches, so they can find exactly what […]

Local Search Targets Local Audience

Since the dawn of the Internet, advertisers have counted on search engines to bring local customers their way through searches performed using search terms containing local or geographical modifiers.  Even for businesses that have more than one location in different areas, customers could be reined in by including local qualifiers in the keywords for a […]

Rand Fishkin Interview (SES London 2009)

Interview with Rand Fishkin at SES London 2009.

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