How Barry Hay, Golden Earring (“Radar Love”) Front Man, Takes on Social Discovery

Social Discovery Site 20blinks, Co-Founded by Sandra Hay, Never Fails to Amaze It’s an impulse as old as cave paintings – the desire to share images that interest us, things we find beautiful, inspiring, appalling or just plain weird. That’s the idea behind social discovery innovator 20blinks, the Amsterdam-based site that is attracting a hip, […]

Flickr to get redesign – Looks Pinteresting…

According to BetaBeat, Flickr’s senior project manager, Markus Spiering told them the redesign would be seen by users some time around February 28th.  The new UI will feature rows of images around four times larger than they are now and the familiar white space around images will also be gone.  This look seems similar to […]

Social Discovery Sites, Next Big Thing?

Originally Published on Technorati as: Social Discovery Sites, Next Big Thing? You might of heard buzz about the new social discovery site Pinterest recently, how it’s the next big social media site, poised to take off. Recently the site broke the top 10 social sites for the month of November 2011 based on total visits. […]