How Google Will Remember Top Olympic Athletes (INFOGRAPHIC)

Originally published as How Google Will Remember This Years Top Olympic Athletes on Technorati How will the world remember Michael Phelps, Gabby Douglas and Ryan Lochte as Olympic athletes? Only time will tell, but if you want a barometer of how they might be seen in the public eye, Google is a good place to start.  […]

Breakdown of a Persons Google Results Page (INFOGRAPHIC)

Originally published as Breakdown of a Persons Google Results on Technorati. Every day there are 1 billion names searched in Google – 94% of those searching don’t look past the first page. Brand Youself, a company aimed at helping individuals put their best links forward so to speak, when Googled, released a pretty useful infographic today. What it […]

How PR Firms Can Help Small Businesses

In the small business world, success rarely happens “overnight.” And when it comes, there’s usually a mid-sized public relations firm behind the scenes, strategically crafting and promoting just the right image – one that attracts more clients, customers, and friends in high places. According to Odwyer’s PR Report, independent PR firms are growing at a […]

Reputation Management is Crucial to Online Success

The Internet is the quintessential marketplace for every type of business, and opportunities abound for companies to advertise their services to a global marketplace.  But unfortunately, opportunities also abound for people to publicly complain about your services, without being held accountable for their comments.  This is where reputation management is critical if you want your […]

Don’t Just Build a Brand, Protect it!

The Internet is still growing by leaps and bounds, with millions of companies vying for the attention of billions of online shoppers.  Without a well-established, well-developed brand, your website is likely to just be left among the heap of other websites that advertise similar or identical services or products. So it pays to keep in […]