Poor Spelling and Low PageRank Go Hand in Hand on Google

In a Google Webmaster Video today, Matt Cutts, head of webspam over at Google, made a statement correlating a web pages PageRank with spelling errors.  The more spelling errors, the lower the pagerank.  The video is included in the full post for people to watch, there are a few other good questions answered by probably […]

Bing to Incorporate Facebook Likes in Algo

In case you weren’t sure about the power of Social Media and Social Media Optimization, check out this video announcement from Bing.  It talks about the recent decision to incorporate Facebook “likes” in to it’s core search algorithm.  I realize this affects only a fraction of the search market, but if this trend is embraced […]

Rand Fishkin Interview (SES London 2009)

Interview with Rand Fishkin at SES London 2009.

Simon Search Marketing

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