Will 2012 be the Year of Streaming Video?

Originally published on Technorati as: Will 2012 be the Year of  Streaming Video? For the first time ever, streaming video could overtake DVD and Blu-ray disc viewing in 2012, according to a recent forecast by the media intelligence firm IHS Screen Digest. Could we be seeing the beginning of the end for physical media such as DVD’s and […]

Google Runs Christmas Commercial Touting Hangouts

Article first published as Google Runs Christmas Commercial Touting Hangouts on Technorati. Google is not know for running Television spots, despite the latest one which ran on Thanksgiving, promoting Google+, the last spot I remember was the spot, Parisian Love during the Super Bowl in early 2010.  The most recent, run yesterday, was smart for a number […]

Bing to Incorporate Facebook Likes in Algo

In case you weren’t sure about the power of Social Media and Social Media Optimization, check out this video announcement from Bing.  It talks about the recent decision to incorporate Facebook “likes” in to it’s core search algorithm.  I realize this affects only a fraction of the search market, but if this trend is embraced […]

Ranking Factors: Google News from Google Employee Video

I came across this while stumbling stuff for a Spanish language site that I am working on and found it extremely interesting.  There is a lot in there, almost all you need to know if your familiar with SEO, on how to optimize for the news search portion of the site. Without any more hesitation, […]

Video Search: The New PR Frontier

PR firms are continually finding new ways to exploit the potential of search engines to spotlight their clients and get the word out about the products and services they have to offer.  Search engine optimization and purchasing ad keywords help to get clients’ websites ranked high in search engine results.  For years the top dogs […]