Put Images in Your XML Sitemaps Part II – AKA: The Part I left Out.

If you were left with questions after the last post it was because I never got to give examples of the formatting of images in your sitemap.  Hopefully people just googled it if they were serious, already knew, didn’t care, ad nauseum of reasons, and in case you didn’t we got you covered with this […]

Rank Images in Universal Search, Image Search

Image Search Best Practices Image URL’s in XML Sitemaps The purpose of this post is to review best practices for image search, also to inform people who haven’t heard, you can now include images in your XML sitemaps.  For up to 1,000 image you can add per page, I will point you to the resource […]

How to Create Proper Google Video Sitemaps

So back in December of 2007 Google’s Video team announced changes to their sitemap protocol. Specifically changes to the way Google uses sitemaps to index your video content. Now this can be done for a number of different sites that have videos, but would be an absolute killer change for sites that contain mostly video […]