Top Social Networks for Driving Offline Activities

Connecting the dots between online social interactions and offline activities has become an increasingly important metric, but also one that is probably the most difficult to actually measure. But that didn’t stop San Diego based ACTIVE Network (NYSE: ACTV) from trying. The company, who helps businesses and organizations get participants, manage events and build communities released the findings of their ‘Beyond the Click’ survey which looked at the top 5 social networks and the role they play in driving offline activities.

LinkedIn 102, From Basic to Intermediate Tips

People are nice enough to create slideshows on various topics and post them for syndication. ┬áThis comes from a fellow LinkedIn member, Barbara Rozgonyi. ┬áThe slideshow is a great introduction to LinkedIn, goes in to the basics of how to use it, what it’s best at, and how to become an authority source for your […]