Vine Sharing Visualization (Infographic)

Thanks to the team at BuzzFork, folks can now look at some hard stats on Vine, the growing social media site designed to deliver short 6 second bursts of video goodness. With over 14 million users worldwide, the Twitter property is likely to be around a little bit.

Google+ Page Management with Sprout Social

With the latest numbers from the GlobalWebIndex pointing to Google+ as the new #2 social network (and YouTube as #3 BTW) on the planet, it was just a matter of time before social media marketing platforms started taking note. Today, Sprout Social, who has an estimated 10,000+ customers according to the announcement earlier Tuesday, will now make Google+ Pages manageable through its engagement, publishing and analytics platform.

Upgrades to LinkedIn Search

LinkedIn announced several enhancements to it’s search features yesterday, including streamlining people, companies, and job search into a single comprehensive results page. Previously you had to search for people, jobs or companies separately. This, in addition to several other features including auto-complete, suggested searches, algorithm changes, enhanced advanced search and automated alerts.

Nextdoor Looks to Build Next Big Social Network ‘Block-by-block’

Nextdoor, the social network targeting the ‘hyper-local’ market, announced Tuesday that it has raised $21.6 million in it’s latest round of funding. Led by veteran Greylock Partner venture capitalist David Sze, Nextdoor is trying to build the next big social network for neighbors, block-by-block

Viralheat Launches New All-in-one Social Monitoring, Publishing & Analytics Platform

While there are plenty of social media tools out there that are great for certain things, it’s still a fairly fragmented industry. While services like Hootsuite, for instance, may be great for publishing, there isn’t a whole lot of social media listening integration. Looking to solve this problem, Viralheat announced upgrades earlier today, including unifying publishing, listening and analytics from a single dashboard.

Brands Take Advantage of Super Bowl Power Outage

It’s happened before, in the NFL, NHL Stanley Cup back in 1988, and MLB numerous times, when a game must be delayed due to circumstances beyond the control of everyone’s best laid plans. But this past Sunday, when the power went out for 34 minutes during the Super Bowl, some quick thinking brands – Oreo, Tide, and Audi to name a few, used the unforeseen event to engage in some humor on social media site Twitter.

Are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s) Changing Education?

The idea of using the collective intelligence of a community or group of people to solve a problem isn’t anything new. Much like the massively multi-player online role playing games (MMORPG’s) work in gaming, massive open online courses (MOOC’s) works for education.

FourSquare Now Allows Business Owners to Add Their Own Events

Business owners can now add own events to FourSquare venue pages. The feature used to only allow for events through partners to be added, but now all businesses can take advantage of this powerful new local marketing feature.

One in Five Men Have Secret Email Accounts

Recent study finds secret email accounts used by nearly a quarter of all men. Reasons include hiding financial matters to hiding affairs, texts and pictures. Study done by BullGuard UK Internet security company.

Twitter, Social Media Real Winners This Election

Originally published as Move Over Obama, The Real Winner on Election Night on Technorati Social Media The real winner of the election last night going forward, considering Barack Obama will most certainly not be running next election cycle, could prove to be Twitter, and social media in general who managed to break several records last night. It […]

How to Get Instagram @ Mentions to Translate to the Right Twitter Account

With the news today from the Instagram blog about translating “@ mentions” to Twitter, some might be wondering how they can ensure that their accounts are set up properly for this to happen.  For most reading this, you probably won’t have to do anything.  What needs to be set-up for this new feature to work […]

Ink361 Launches Updated Web Interface for Instagram

Originally published as Ink361 Launches Updated Instagram Web Interface on Technorati Business If there was one thing Instagram didn’t do, and it has done an impressive amount over it’s short but vibrant life span, it was build a web interface.  The app has always been just that, an app.  And in the world of mobile, […]

Google Plus Adds Brand Pages, Struggles With Engagement

Originally published as Google Plus Grows Brand Presence, Struggles With Engagement on Technorati According to a new SocialShare report from BrightEdge, Google’s social network, Google+ continues to increase brand presence.  Some of the lastest gold label brands to join in the past two months include Visa, Wells Fargo and fashion design company Hermes. Although the network has […]

Is Social Proximity More Important Than Geographic Proximity in Sales?

Article first published as Is Social Proximity More Important Than Geographic Proximity in Sales? on Technorati Are sales territories based on geographic lines still the best way to go about dividing B2B sales leads? What if, instead of the sales representative who happens to be closest, companies evaluated the prospects social graph to find out […]

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Social Selling or Just Plain Selling Out?

Originally published on Technorati as: LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Social Selling or Just Plain Selling Out?  LinkedIn is the professional’s social network, allowing you to post your education, career experience and other relevant information about your career or job on a network filled with like-minded people. Presumably it’s a network aimed at the professional to highlight […]

Lifecrowd Launches out of Beta, Aims to Help Users Find Local Activities

Originally published on Technorati as: Lifecrowd Launches out of Beta, Aims to Help Users Find Local Activities The first company to come out of the newly formed Los Angeles startup incubator/accelerator MuckerLabs, Santa Monica based Lifecrowd, just announced they will be opening up for business in three new areas, San Diego, Orange County and San […]

Quick Cash Injection for Amazon, eBay Stores – Alternative Financing with

Originally published on Technorati as:  Business Funding for Web 2.0 and Beyond How great would it be to secure business funding for your online venture? If getting your hands on some quick “cabbage” would help your Internet business, innovative may offer the perfect solution. Get Green and Keep Growing with Kabbage A Web-based cash […]

Social Discovery Sites, Next Big Thing?

Originally Published on Technorati as: Social Discovery Sites, Next Big Thing? You might of heard buzz about the new social discovery site Pinterest recently, how it’s the next big social media site, poised to take off. Recently the site broke the top 10 social sites for the month of November 2011 based on total visits. […]

Social Media Profiles: Blurring the Lines Between Personal & Professional

This article was posted first on Technorati as: Social Media Profiles: Blurring the Lines Between Personal & Professional Not too long ago it was easy to keep your private life separate from your professional life, but advances in technologies are making this increasingly difficult. Advances in networking, social media in particular, makes blurring these lines […]

LinkedIn 102, From Basic to Intermediate Tips

People are nice enough to create slideshows on various topics and post them for syndication.  This comes from a fellow LinkedIn member, Barbara Rozgonyi.  The slideshow is a great introduction to LinkedIn, goes in to the basics of how to use it, what it’s best at, and how to become an authority source for your […]

The New Social Browser You Haven’t Heard of

It sounds more like a sandwich you would get a deli in Philly than a browser, but nevertheless RockMelt has some pretty high profile names behind it.  Marc Andreessen, the founder of Netscape, which was eventually destroyed by IE and Microsoft.  But if you figure most of the content we come across and read comes […]

Will Facebook buy FourSquare, what about McDonalds?

So apparently Facebook will team up with Ronald Mcdonald and the rest of the Fry Guys to implement a Facebook app that allows users to “check in”. Not only does this sound like the first public announcement utilizing Facebook’s new Geolocation feature, but also like the opening volley shot over the bow of FourSquare, the […]

Fastest Way to Remove Your Info from Spokeo

Quick Guide on Removing Your Information from Spokeo Fastest way to remove your info from Spokeo Spokeo positions itself as a white pages, yellow pages search product.  But what it doesn’t tell you is that what it actually is which happens to be a clearinghouse for information put online by you. Regardless of whether the […]

Social Media: Your Online Chamber of Commerce

For decades, businesses and consumers have relied on the local chamber of commerce as a place to network for sharing ideas with other business owners, learning about new business strategies, and meeting potential customers.  Regular face-to-face interactions have always been the staple of chamber of commerce meetings, and they always will be.  But with today’s […]

Transparency and Social Media

Transparency in business has long been a staple of good customer service, engaging customers and reassuring them about the products and services they are paying for.  Now that companies are operating in a global economy, transparency is an even more valuable consideration for companies with an online presence.  One of the greatest marketing values of […]