Top Social Networks for Driving Offline Activities

Connecting the dots between online social interactions and offline activities has become an increasingly important metric, but also one that is probably the most difficult to actually measure. But that didn’t stop San Diego based ACTIVE Network (NYSE: ACTV) from trying. The company, who helps businesses and organizations get participants, manage events and build communities released the findings of their ‘Beyond the Click’ survey which looked at the top 5 social networks and the role they play in driving offline activities.

Twitter, Social Media Real Winners This Election

Originally published as Move Over Obama, The Real Winner on Election Night on Technorati Social Media The real winner of the election last night going forward, considering Barack Obama will most certainly not be running next election cycle, could prove to be Twitter, and social media in general who managed to break several records last night. It […]

How to Get Instagram @ Mentions to Translate to the Right Twitter Account

With the news today from the Instagram blog about translating “@ mentions” to Twitter, some might be wondering how they can ensure that their accounts are set up properly for this to happen.  For most reading this, you probably won’t have to do anything.  What needs to be set-up for this new feature to work […]

5 Things to do While Twitter is Down

So if you haven’t heard already, Twitter is Kaput. Completely down. The app, the web interface, hell I didn’t even get a reassuring “fail whale” image which leads me to believe it’s not a capacity issue, but something perhaps more complicated. The app is also down on both iOS and Android. The first thing that […]

FirstRain Releases First Tweets, Aims to Glean Business Intelligence From Tweets

Originally published on Technorati as: FirstRain Releases First Tweets, Aims to Glean Business Intelligence From Tweets FirstRain, an enterprise customer intelligence and analytics provider announced they will be launching a tool to extract business intelligence data from the full 250 million tweets/day firehouse from Twitter. This data is put through FirstRain’s patented  semantic and algorithm based filters, categorized […]

Social Media Profiles: Blurring the Lines Between Personal & Professional

This article was posted first on Technorati as: Social Media Profiles: Blurring the Lines Between Personal & Professional Not too long ago it was easy to keep your private life separate from your professional life, but advances in technologies are making this increasingly difficult. Advances in networking, social media in particular, makes blurring these lines […]

Social Media: Your Online Chamber of Commerce

For decades, businesses and consumers have relied on the local chamber of commerce as a place to network for sharing ideas with other business owners, learning about new business strategies, and meeting potential customers.  Regular face-to-face interactions have always been the staple of chamber of commerce meetings, and they always will be.  But with today’s […]