TVSync Launches Open API for Connected TV Apps

tvsync logoAccording to recent research compiled by NewMedia TrendWatch, 80% of younger (18 – 34) TV viewers currently use a second device while watching television. With numbers this compelling it’s no wonder Google, Apple to name a couple are currently working toward connected TV experiences through a number of different projects.

According to Vobile CEO Yangbin Wang, whose company announced availability of TVSync’sConnected TV and second screen API platform yesterday, “Change is on the way in how consumers interact with content across multiple devices–change that will be as disruptive as the introduction of the iPhone five years ago. With TVSync, we are ready to help both incumbent companies and entreprenuers transform the four screen media consumption experience.”

TVSync is a new initiative led by Vobile, whose company provides state-of-the-art automatic content recognition (ACR) for audio and video, to stimulate and facilitate the growth of exciting new applications that synchronize, in real time, to the content a user is consuming.  The open API supports connected second-screen experiences that can integrate everything from ecommerce, infotainment or social media.  As an example, TVSync’s technology allows ticket brokers or sports apparel to create immersive experiences such as the ability for consumers watching a sporting event to buy tickets, jerseys and more by simply pointing their smartphones at the screen.  Also, reality television programs can incorporate instant polling, social media or other activities in their story lines.  The possibilities really are endless, even for advertising content, which makes the prospect of applications specifically for connected TV experiences so exciting for both consumers and brands alike.

While the applications are new, the technology behind TVSync isn’t. VDNA technology, which powers TVSync’s platform has been deployed commercially for about 5 years and verified as the best content ID technology by independent firms such as Frost & Sullivan. Currently TVSync identifies and tags more than 150 hours worth of audiovisual content every minute.  Vobile is also the supplier of of content ID and management products to all six major Hollywood studios, and four of the largest broadcast TV networks.

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  1. TVSync Launches Open API for Connected TV Apps

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