Increase Online Video Interaction with Tools from Viewbix

The online video advertising market saw the greatest percentage increase in spend across all digital formats from 2012 to 2013 according to eMarketer and is set to reach $4.14 billion by this years end. And even though traditional TV will continue to dominate total video ad spending, online is considered to be either more effective or equally effective by about 75% of ad executives polled by BrightRoll in a survey released last Wednesday. Nine out of 10 also thought online video ads had equal or greater impact than display ads. A summary of these findings put together by eMarketer is below.
viewbix piece Ad Agencies See Effectiveness in Online Video eMarketer

When you consider that paid advertising is but one way that online videos can be promoted, with social media, video search optimization and other tactics examples of other ways brands can get their videos out there, it begs the question of what else can be done with online video without paying a company like BrightRoll,  Tremor Video (who recently filed it’s IPO according to TechCrunch) or any number of other video ad networks to reach prospects. The perceived effectiveness of online video should be even greater if business can find inexpensive other ways to promote video other than paying for ads targeted by behavior, which was the most used video targeting option according to the same eMarketer study.

This is where the announcement from Viewbix, a company who helps business get the most out of their video efforts, comes into play. Last week they announced a simple way for companies to optimize their videos on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or virtually any other self-hosted video with new video search engine optimization (SEO) features for their marketing platform that provides several features. Among the features included is the ability to boost a videos presence in search engines by automatically creating video sitemaps and rich snippets using data. Rich snippets are the lines of additional information that appear near a Google search result.

The Viewbix platform also provides robust video analytics that measure performance, and also allows companies to add custom branding as well as layers of other apps like Twitter, Facebook, Digital Coupons, Maps, QR codes directly to their videos and adjust their behavior and calls-to-action using an easy creation wizard.

The following is an example of a video screenshot from Paramount promoting ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me’ in theatres July 4th weekend hosted on YouTube.

viewbix katy perry promo video customizations after

“Video SEO has become an increasingly critical component of one’s overall SEO strategy,” said Jonathan Stefansky, CEO and Co-Founder of Viewbix. “Our goal is to help our users increase the visibility of their interactive videos and pages on Google and other leading search engines. In Google, Viewbix’s SEO techniques can help videos earn a preview “snippet,” which net much higher click-through rates than non-snippeted videos.”

Getty Images also did a sample which TheNextWeb included in an article about the video marketing platform that highlighted additional uses of the technology. In addition, company research shows that over 20% of viewers who watch a video in a Viewbix click the call-to-action button or engage with at least one of the apps inside the player itself.

To learn more about the eMarketer online video study click here. For more information about Viewbix you can visit them at or also watch the 60-second overview below.

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