Vine Sharing Visualization (Infographic)

vine green logoThanks to the team at BuzzFork, folks can now look at some hard stats on Vine, the growing social media site designed to deliver short 6 second bursts of video goodness. With over 14 million users worldwide, the Twitter property is likely to be around a little bit.

Some interesting stats about Vine:

  • 5 Vines are Tweeted Every Second
  • If every Vine user created one Vine, it would be 2,334 hours long
  • Weekends are the most popular time for Vine activity
  • …..and more

So how do you use Vine? What stat grabbed your attention most, if any at all? Clearly not close the the number of Tweets per day, but the trend is moving in the right direction – and it has Twitter behind it. Instagram has to be the biggest threat at this point, but think the market is large enough for both. I don’t see people, except power users maybe using both Vine and Instagram video, but that’s pure speculation. Anyway, here’s the infographic originally published by BuzzFork here.

Visualizing Vine Video Sharing
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