WalkMe Upgrades it’s Website Guidance Services

walkme logoWalkMe, Inc. just announced upgrades to it’s service which allows website owners to create balloon style tips, making  it easier for users to register, make purchases and perform any other task on your site from an easy drag and drop interface. The service now allows users to create to-do progress lists, automated guidance sequences for common tasks as well as an integrated search feature which refines searches to return more relevant results. There is also a full API which allows complete customization of Walk-Thrus using a sites native buttons and links.

The flagship product, WalkMe enables any platform on the web to create interactive on-screen walk-thrus that help users complete tasks, from simple registrations, online banking transactions, trading platforms and even platform specific solutions including virtual support services Desk.com and Zendesk, in addition to Salesforce, LivePerson and Moodle. App developers can also use WalkMe to help users get acquainted with how things work, prompt increases in free to paid users and drive customer adoption of self-service helpdesk solutions.

Businesses who are continually setting up users in Salesforce, for instance, can also automate the process and allow people to set themselves up and reduce the ‘time-to-competence’ with intuitive screen overlays, prompts, balloon tips and more.
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The back-end of the service relies on configuration of logic-based rules which an editor can set-up to make each Walk-Thru as specific to individual users as possible. For example, if we’re talking about website registrations, a rule can be set to display different Walk-Thrus to first time visitors and repeat visitors. Also, for Salesforce, rules can be created to run different Walk-Thrus for HR, marketing or sales team members to make customization for these departments included in each different version of the Walk-Thru.

The newest update also features a WalkMe To-Do List, an advanced onboarding feature that automatically guides first time users through an orientation process. For ecommerce companies who require that users register before they can make purchases, this increases ease of use for customers, and also provides site owners with valuable information about where there might be stumbling blocks or what areas need more content, UI improvements or even re-arranging steps to improve signups and purchases.

“In order to add amazing value for our clients, we are constantly working to advance WalkMe’s features, and this system update offers users more control over the kind of information they need to succeed,” said Dan Adika , CEO of WalkMe Inc. “These new features not only streamline the experience for the end user, they also provide vital analytics for site owners that give them the necessary insights to change their Walk-Thrus and related processes. There is no solution on the market that provides the same capabilities and we consistently out-perform on compliance, security, performance, as well as vendor stability and support. WalkMe is the only system that can serve the needs of every business, from a small family-run ecommerce site to Fortune 500 companies with hundreds of Walk-Thrus.”

The service has a free option that allows for up to 3 walk-thrus per month (and up to 300 uses of the walk-thrus), as well as premium versions which are customized based on how companies will be using the service. To learn more, visit WalkMe, Inc. at www.walkme.com 

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  1. WalkMe Upgrades Website Guidance Services http://t.co/ZKLkLcngqB

  2. WalkMe Upgrades it’s Website Guidance Services http://t.co/ZKLkLcngqB

  3. WalkMe Upgrades it’s Website Guidance Services http://t.co/YJGU8fMylG via @geoff_simon

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